Residential Flower Subscriptions

Residential Flower Subscription Service in NYC

Love the look and feel of fresh flowers? From Brooklyn to the Upper East Side, Scotts Flowers NYC is the area’s best place to order flowers for the home. Backed by a long history in the city, we offer a convenient subscription service that makes it easy and automatic to get flowers delivered straight to you. Enjoy a beautiful atmosphere with an elevated mood and decreased stress by keeping fresh flowers on hand at all times with us. When you want to dress up your residence with the kind of striking blooms that add value, take one more step toward luxury living with our residential flower subscription service.

Lovely Blooms to Brighten Your Home

There’s nothing more inviting than coming home to fresh flowers. With Scotts Flowers NYC, you can enjoy the luxury of fresh flowers every day of the week. Through our weekly or monthly deliveries, you can treat yourself to the creative designs and artful arrangements that define our business. Whether you want flowers in your kitchen, your entryway, your library or your bedroom, we’ll give you blooms that fit and complement your home’s style. Open the door to luxury living with fresh flowers at home through Scotts Flowers NYC!

Benefits of Our Residential Subscription Service

Your home never has to be without fresh flowers again. Sign up for our residential flower subscription service, and count on regular deliveries catered to you. Through our subscription service, enjoy benefits such as:

  • Premium flowers: Our designers hand-select each stem to create exquisite arrangements that cater to the environment.
  • No charge for vases: We include premium containers with our flowers, and our professionals swap them out for your convenience.
  • No contract: Once you start working with us, you can cancel whenever you like. There’s no obligation to continue.
  • A dedicated account manager: We give you a dedicated account manager to answer your questions and respond to any concerns.
  • Cost savings: One of the best parts of subscribing is you get lowered rates per stem compared with traditional retail prices. If you want fresh flowers anyway, why not enjoy the best arrangements at the best prices with a subscription service?

About Scotts Flowers NYC

Founded in 1947, Scotts Flowers NYC is New York’s premium family-owned florist. Whether you want corporate services, wedding flowers, event flowers or flower delivery, we’re the luxury florist that gets it done right. Our subscription service is one more way we serve our customers — with custom arrangements delivered on a regular basis right to your doors. Isn’t it time you treated yourself to a touch of beauty? Let Scotts Flowers NYC provide the creative, artistic attention to detail that can make your residence a paradise.

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