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Flower Subscriptions & Online Flower Delivery In NYC

Through our professional online flower delivery in NYC, you can beautify your workspace or home with fresh flowers every week or month, it's a fantastic idea! Fresh flowers and plants are known to enhance environments by elevating the mood and decreasing stress. Furthermore, employees and clients alike will appreciate the extra attention to aesthetic detail that comes from a flower delivery subscription. At Scotts Flowers NYC, we offer a flower subscription service to NYC businesses and individuals who wish to receive flower arrangements on a regular basis. Whether you go with a weekly flower delivery in NYC or a monthly flower subscription, you’ll love seeing beautiful blooms brighten your office and make people smile.Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities. Once we see your space, we will develop a customized design plan and recurring delivery schedule to best meet the needs of your location.

Types of Companies That Enjoy Our Floral Subscription Service

What’s great about our flower subscription in NYC is that it can add beauty and luxury to any environment — homes, offices, hotels, retail stores, boutique shops, restaurants and more. Make a confident statement by adding floral and botanical designs specifically catered to your space. Our expert team will create tailored designs perfectly complementing your environment, company culture and brand. If you want to make your office environment a little more inviting or you want to treat the guests in your lobby to the added appeal of fresh flowers, weekly or monthly subscription flowers are the answer. Show clients you pay attention to detail and know that little niceties make all the difference when you keep fresh flower arrangements on display in your workplace.

What Sets Scotts Flowers NYC Apart?

Proudly serving New Yorkers since 1947, Scotts Flowers NYC creates exquisite custom floral arrangements from blooms that are selected stem by stem with the utmost in care. A full-service florist, we strive to create and develop happy relationships with all our clients, whether we’re providing weekly flower delivery in NYC or custom flowers for a special event. Trust us for your weekly or monthly floral subscription, and enjoy the finest arrangements designed by the most talented professionals in NYC!

The Benefits

There are many benefits that come from subscribing to our weekly flower delivery service, from cost savings to premium flowers. Our subscriptions have no contracts, so you can join or cancel any time. What’s more, you get personal service from a dedicated account manager. Here’s a quick look at the highlights of working with us:

Reduced Prices

Reduced Prices

Significant discount on every price per stem compared to retail prices.

Premium Florals

Premium Florals

Our team will design exquisite arrangements catered toward the environment.

No Charge for Vases

No Charge for Vases

Complimentary use of premium containers that are professionally swapped out by our team.

No Contract

No Contract

You can start as soon as you would like and opt out of the program if you are not satisfied.

Account Manager

Account Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be available anytime.


Your office atmosphere is a client's first impression of your business. Make a confident statement by adding floral and botanical designs specifically catered to your space. Our expert team will create tailored designs perfectly complementing your environment, company culture and brand.


The "City that Never Sleeps" is one of the most visited cities in the whole world, and we daresay it's the greatest! Your guests deserve the ultimate hospitality experience to carry home with their memories. Decorating your lobby with unique floral and botanical designs will immediately welcome them into your space as if it were their new home. To further the luxury experience, we also provide your hotel with custom client gifts and guestroom decor for all occasions.

Click here to learn more about our hotel flower subscription service.


​A luxurious retail location deserves only the best in luxury flowers. Increase the ambiance and overall aesthetic of your space by adding a bespoke weekly floral or monthly botanical design that invites customers to fully enjoy everything your store offers.

Click here to learn more about our retail flower subscription service.


​In property management, attention to detail is the key. Attract tenants to your building by adding a custom floral arrangement that makes your building stand out from your competitors. We offer both floral and botanical designs with weekly maintenance options, so you can remain confident in the beauty you will share with tenants and guests of your space.


Looking to elevate the ambiance of your home? There's nothing more inviting than coming home to fresh flowers! We offer weekly design replenishment and maintenance services so you can always enjoy fresh blooms and creative designs in the space that matters most. Whether it be your kitchen, foyer, library or boudoir, we will complement your home with the utmost style. Who says flowers always have to be for someone else? Treat yourself, and open the door to beautiful living.

Click here to learn more about our residential flower subscription service.

Ready to Learn More?

Talk to us any time about setting up a flower subscription program for your workplace, business, home or other location! We’ll get to know you and your needs so we can customize blooms to most fully enrich your setting. As long as you love our custom creations, we’ll keep bringing them on regular schedule.

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