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Condolence and Sympathy Flowers

Flowers and plants offering the gift of comfort and peace. Here at Scotts Flowers NYC, we prepare our sympathy flowers with the utmost care and respect. We understand every situation is different and that is why we’ve developed condolence arrangements to meet your needs. If you want something specific, we can also assist you. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideal arrangement and we will help you.

Garden of Peace - Scotts Flowers NYC-thumbnail

Garden of Peace

Price: $350.00

Availability: In-Stock

Flatiron - Scotts Flowers NYC-thumbnail


From: $150.00

Availability: In-Stock

White Orchid - Scotts Flowers NYC-thumbnail

White Orchid

From: $95.00

Availability: In-Stock

ZZ Plant - Scotts Flowers NYC-thumbnail

ZZ Plant

Price: $60.00

Availability: In-Stock

Succulent Garden & Fragrance - Scotts Flowers NYC-thumbnail

Succulent Garden & Fragrance

Price: $120.00

Availability: In-Stock

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