Subscription Benefits

✓ Fresh flowers and plants to boost morale and welcome employees back to an inviting office space.
✓ Specialty vases and containers only available to our corporate weekly clients. Premium, novelty blooms in all floral arrangements.
✓ Weekly delivery of fresh flowers (monthly for plants and orchids) coordinated by our Scotts design team.
✓ No design fee

Things to Note

We are currently only offering this corporate subscription service for Manhattan offices only. A credit card is required at time of booking - we do not currently offer monthly invoicing. While you are able to choose your preferred delivery date, we cannot guarantee delivery times. All weekly flowers are delivered in a 
9 AM – 5 PM timeframe.

Our Offerings Include:

Please note that photos are for size and design reference–actual color color palettes and florals used will vary based on seasonality.

  • Lobby Display – Large

    $225 | 36” x 24”

    A large, grand display of textures and florals to serve as your focal point in spacious lobbies or office entryways.

  • Lobby Display – Medium

    $150 | 24” x 12”

    Our medium-sized display is slightly smaller but makes an impact with in-season blooms in a novelty vase

  • Lobby Display – Large & Medium

    36” x 24” & 24” x 12”

    A side-by-side view of our two lobby displays.

  • Reception Arrangement - Large

    $150 | 12” x 12”

    Perfect for sprucing up a reception desk or as a conference table centerpiece.

  • Reception Arrangement - Medium

    $100 | 9” x 9”

    This petite arrangement is great for side or end tables.

  • Reception Displays - Large & Medium

    12” x 12” & 9” x 9”

    A side-by-side view of our two reception displays.

  • Orchids

    $100-300 | Single, Double, or Triple Stem

    These phalaenopsis orchids will add serenity to your office space. Available in white or purple.

  • Succulent Garden

    $150 | 12” x 10”

    Delivered monthly, this succulent garden is the perfect urban oasis in the concrete jungle.

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