Plant Installation & Maintenance Program

Scotts Flowers offers a full range of services to rejuvenate your space. Inspired by the likes of your interior or exterior space, we use stunning custom designs to to accent your space atmosphere. Our incredibly talented team will guide you from start to finish and bring your vision to life. We carefully hand-pick our plants from greenhouses that we have been working with for many years. Our containers are no different, and we source only premium. An optional program is also available where one of our technicians visits your space once a week to ensure that your plants are staying vibrant and healthy.
Call us or 1-800-726-8874 or email to discuss next steps and schedule a consultation. 
Fendi NYC Showroom - Tall Green Plants
Rooftop NYC - Succulents
Orchid Display with Green Foliage
Tall Green Cornplant
Bird of Paradise - Rooftop NYC