Why Choosing The Right NYC Wedding Florist is Crucial for Your Big Day

Why Choosing The Right NYC Wedding Florist is Crucial for Your Big Day

Most people already know that having quality flowers at their wedding is important. However, selecting a quality NYC wedding florist is key to making your wedding day a true success. Not all wedding florists are the same. If you were to consult 5 different florists, you would end up with 5 unique floral arrangements for your special day.

When planning for an upcoming wedding in NYC, you need a wedding florist who understands your needs and is able to suggest floral arrangements that bring your special day to life. Remember that designing and arranging flowers for the scale of a wedding is no simple task. Therefore, selecting the right florist is crucial for your NYC wedding.

Choosing The Right NYC Wedding Florist Can Make or Break Your Big Day

In preparation for a wedding, simply picking flowers is not enough to get the job done. Wedding florists are responsible for selecting all the floral elements that will spice up your wedding ceremony, reception, bridal party wear, and many more components of your special day. Wedding florists also have the experience and expertise to understand various types of flowers, the effects of different colors, and arrangements that fit the theme of your occasion.

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Florists also make it easier for you to navigate the complex world of flowers. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in flower selection or completely new to floral arrangements, a quality wedding florist is key to making your wedding day a success.

Choosing the right florist also enables you to work with a seasoned professional. In fact, florists can use their experience in supplying quality-wedding flowers to make people of many different tastes happy at your special occasion.

Tips to Consider When Choosing an NYC Wedding Florist

Now that you know how important it is to choose the right wedding florist, how can you get started? It can easily feel overwhelming to find a florist who’s the right fit for you. Here are 4 useful tips that can help you choose the best florist for your upcoming NYC wedding.

  1. Look for a florist with floral design skills

To make your wedding day a success, you need a florist who not only provides quality flowers, but can also arrange them in unique and attractive bouquets. Floral design is as important for your wedding as the supply of actual flowers. Look for a wedding florist in NYC who can bring your wedding occasion to life with the arrangements that they create for your special day.

At Scotts Flowers NYC, we combine floral supply with floral design. Our professional florists use only the highest quality flowers (and years of experience) to create breath-taking bouquets and arrangements that truly stand out in your wedding venue. And because we handpick all our flowers, we guarantee the quality of every stem.

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  1. Seek referrals from friends and family

If you have friends, family, or colleagues who’ve planned a wedding before, consulting them for recommendations is an excellent idea. Experience is the best teacher, and they can give you valuable insights into what their wedding florist got right and where they may need improvement.

If you receive a recommendation for Scotts in NYC, you’re on the right track. At Scotts, we understand how much planning and importance goes into your wedding. We make sure to match those high standards with every floral arrangement we provide. Your friends were not wrong when recommending us!

  1. Ask for pictures of their previous work

Pictures give you a glimpse into what a wedding florist can actually do. They serve as evidence of previous work and they also give you ideas of how you can plan your upcoming wedding in NYC. Ask to see pictures and make sure they reflect your needs/preferences.

  1. Consider experience and expertise

For any NYC wedding florist, experience is the best teacher. The more weddings they do, the better they become at supplying quality floral arrangements. Make sure you select a florist who has experience and expertise in handling weddings.

For NYC residents, Scotts has been supplying quality floral products since 1947. We have plenty of experience in wedding services and we know what it takes to make your special day a success. And because we also pay attention to detail, we take time to understand your needs so we don’t overlook the little things that matter most.

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