White Flower Collections and Ideas from Scotts Flowers NYC

White Flower Collections and Ideas from Scotts Flowers NYC

While many people tend to rush towards purchasing bold flower colors, white flowers represent themes and symbols that you can’t find with any other floral arrangements. Whether using a white orchid or a white calla lily, white represents purity, honesty, and peace.

White flowers stand out in any floral bouquet. The radiant and innocent flow of white colors can be used to breathe life into many different events. From weddings to funerals, white flowers communicate a wide range of emotions that add to the theme of your occasion.

To get the best of out of your flowers, you need to arrange them in floral collections that express their full meaning and value. That is why Scotts in NYC offers unique white floral arrangements for many different events. Our bouquets are carefully handpicked and arranged to meet a wide variety of themes.

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What white flowers represent

White flowers are one of the few types of flowers that simply can’t be replaced with any other selection. The white blossoms of lilies, roses, and orchids send a clear and powerful message within any floral arrangement. As a neutral color, they can also be mixed with many other selections to create unique and attractive bouquets.

White flowers can be used to represent any of the following messages.

  • Purity

White is the ultimate representation of purity. The clean white blossoms of flowers are used in events such as weddings, where the purity of the bride is emphasized. White flowers also represent cleanliness and innocence because they’re free from the stains of other colors.

A floral arrangement consisting of white roses, lilies, and daisies all represent purity and come in handy as both wedding and sympathy flowers.

  • Peace

White flowers are also the ultimate representation of peace. Whether you’re consoling a grieving family or simply looking to create a peaceful environment in the office, you can’t go wrong with white flower collections.

White flowers are a good option for expressing peace and comfort during difficult times. The innocence of white lilies and daisies can be used to remember a person who passed away, and to express comfort and support to the grieving family.

  • Inspiration

In contrast to the somber mood of a funeral, white flower collections can also be used to express inspiration. White is an uplifting color that radiates a positive energy in the room. You can use it in the workplace to encourage productivity, or at home to ease tension within the family.

White flower collections from Scotts Flowers NYC

To truly enjoy the uplifting effect of white flowers, you need a florist who is capable of creating unique white flower collections. Scotts Flowers in NYC works with fresh and handpicked flowers to create unique bouquets and arrangements for many different events. Some of our flower collection ideas include:

The Whitehall Street is one of the most elegant designs that we offer at Scotts Flowers. Featuring lush cream roses inside a sleek glass vase, these flowers represent purity, peace, and an uplifting mood all in one package. Use them for an upcoming wedding, or to simply make your workers feel more at ease in the office.

To make your white flowers even more effective in achieving your desired theme, the TriBeca floral arrangement adds texture to a slender, clear vase. This flower collection combines orchids, veronica, and lisianthus to create a soft textured bouquet. By varying several white blooms, the TriBeca arrangement comes in handy for many different events.

If you’re looking for a luxurious and elegant white flower collection, The Plaza is sure to get the job done. This all-white arrangement is an assortment of roses, hydrangea, orchids, and freesia. Each flower here blooms in its own unique way, creating a multi-layered arrangement that sends many different messages. Put together, The Plaza is perfect for weddings, as condolence flowers, and also for the home.

To get the best out of your white flower collections, you need a quality florist who pays attention to detail. Scotts Flowers in NYC has been handpicking white floral arrangements for over 50 years. We know how to use white flowers to create messages of peace, purity, and innocence, so contact us today.


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