Where To Find The Best Orchids in NYC

Where To Find The Best Orchids in NYC

Orchids are one of the most popular types of flowers. They’ve been used since ancient Greek times to symbolize integrity, elegance, purity, and many other delicate, exotic themes.

There are over 25,000 kinds of orchids, and each color has a unique symbolic meaning. Therefore, orchids come in handy for almost any occasion. From radiating calmness in your home to portraying the innocence of a bride during a wedding, you can’t go wrong with orchids.

If you’re looking for orchids to spice up your next event, look no further than Scotts in NYC. At Scotts, we stock a fresh supply of handpicked orchids of many different types. Because we have over 50 years’ experience in sourcing and arranging flowers, we can guarantee that you will find the best orchids in NYC at Scotts Flowers.

The types of Orchids we stock at Scotts

As symbols of vitality and refreshment, we offer a wide selection of orchids. These flowers provide long-lasting beauty, unique colors, and a diverse range of symbols suitable for many different events. At Scotts, you can expect to find the following types of orchids for your floral bouquets.

purple orchids in nyc

  • White and Purple Orchids

White orchids have a powerful symbolic meaning. For many years, white orchids have been used to represent innocence, purity, and elegance. They radiate a feeling of peace and calmness in any bouquet that they’re used.

You can also use white orchids by themselves within an elegant vase. Because orchids exist in almost every corner of the world, they’re highly adaptable to many different environments. Therefore, white orchids have a long vase life if you carry out basic care tips.

At Scotts in NYC, we also stock quality purple orchids for your floral arrangements. Purple orchids are a unique option because they represent admiration and royalty. By giving someone purple orchids in an elegant vase, you’re essentially showing a sign of respect for the recipient.

  • Snake plant

At Scotts, you will also find a quality selection of snake plants. The snake plant is one of the most unique types of orchids. It has striking leaves that radiate upwards from the base of the plant, adding flavor to any home or office. Furthermore, the snake plant is effective at filtering surrounding air from common pollutants and allergens.

When placed in an elegant vase, the snake plant is simply hard to ignore. You can vary the shades of green and the outer yellow lining that is present on each leaf of the plant.

Regardless of the color shade, this plant radiates a neutral uplifting color with rich symbolic meanings. For example, the extent of yellow on each leaf can be used to symbolize peace, friendship, and a fresh start. In addition to placing the snake plant in your home or office, you can also use it as a gift choice to a friend.

orchids nyc

  • Mini Orchids

If you’re looking for an assortment of orchids in NYC, you can’t go wrong with our mini orchid selections. Each week, we receive a fresh supply of orchid blooms that span across multiple species. Our expert florists proceed to arrange them into stylish and elegant vases for you to choose from.

Because orchid colors span across the entire rainbow, each orchid in the arrangement has its own symbolic meaning. For example, a blend of orange and pink orchids represents boldness, grace, joy, and pride. Regardless of the theme you’re looking for, you can find the best orchids in NYC at Scotts Flowers.

  • Peace Lilies

Few flowers radiate peace and calmness more effectively than peace lilies. With their radiant and jungle green color, peace lilies are perfect for most homes and offices. They don’t require too much light to remain healthy, and you only need to water them once or twice a week.

If you’re a beginner with lilies (or any other types of flowers), peace lilies are an excellent place to start. And by choosing Scotts for your orchid flower selections, you can be sure that you’re obtaining the best quality in NYC.

Orchids are one of the most popular, yet unique flowers available. To achieve the symbolic meaning that each orchid represents, you need a florist who pays attention to quality and detail.

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