Where To Buy Your Holiday Flowers in NYC

Where To Buy Your Holiday Flowers in NYC

When looking for the perfect holiday flower, there are several important decisions you will have to make. First off, you should think of flowers that radiate the holiday spirit. Some flowers have been used since ancient times to symbolize Christmas-and-the upcoming new year. Other flowers may not be necessarily traditional holiday selections, but they have characteristics that still fit with the overall holiday theme.

Secondly, you need to consider where to buy your holiday flowers in NYC. Scotts Flowers has been supplying fresh flowers to NYC and beyond for more than 50 years. We know what makes NYC holiday flowers truly special, and we can help you choose floral products that will radiate the holiday spirit throughout your home.

Why should you purchase holiday flowers in NYC?

There are many hidden benefits of purchasing holiday flowers. From uplifting the mood in your home to making your workplace more productive, the benefits of holiday flowers are widespread.

  • Complete the holiday spirit in your home

One of the most important benefits of holiday flowers is that they add to the holiday spirit within your home. While a Christmas tree, decorations, and presents may form the foundation of the holiday theme, flowers act as icing on the cake. Picking the right options provides an uplifting, warm, and cheerful theme to the home even when it's snowing outside. NYC holiday flowers also have fresh auras that symbolize peace, pride, and nature.

  • Improve productivity in the workplace

Are you working during the holidays? All doesn't have to be so gloomy. You can share the holiday spirit with your colleagues by using holiday flowers. Classic selections such as poinsettias are warm and colorful, while tulips represent pride and comfort. You can use them as lone standing flowers in a stylish vase or as part of a bouquet that contains many different hues. The end result is a more productive workplace even during the holidays.

  • Relieve stress during the holiday season

As fun and exciting as the holidays are, they can also easily become stressful. Dealing with family, cooking, and coordinating travel schedules can take lots of time and cause unnecessary duress. While planning early and having plenty of rest is an excellent place to start, another creative way of relieving stress is by adding holiday flowers to the home. Holiday flowers have been shown to reduce tension, uplift your mood, and beauty the premises. They are an effective and unique way of relieving overall stress during the holiday season.

Types of NYC Holiday Flowers

There are hundreds of species of flowers, but you may be wondering which ones are best for the holidays. Similar to how red roses are a valentine's day special and Lilies are an Easter necessity, which flowers truly define the holidays? Here are a few options to consider.

  • Poinsettias

A discussion about holiday flowers always begins with poinsettias. These native Mexican flowers have been used since ancient times for many different reasons. They are classic holiday flowers because of their colorful blooms and leafy flowers. Poinsettias can also bloom right in time for the holidays and spread their natural uplifting touch to the entire home. Proper care is key to making poinsettias work for your holiday spirit. Adequate care starts with selecting the right poinsettias. Luckily, Scotts in NYC stocks hand-picked and locally/internationally sourced poinsettias that will uplift the home even when there're 6-inches of snow outside.

  • Rosemary

For many years, Rosemary fell out of taste as a holiday flower. However, it has made a comeback in recent years. Perhaps this is because Rosemary symbolizes love, peace, and remembrance, all elements that define the holiday season. Rosemary has an uplifting mood that makes it one of the best holiday flowers you can use. The key to Rosemary is providing proper winter care. You need a moist and cool indoor environment to keep rosemary alive.

  • Tulips

What do you need when the outside weather is cold and gloomy? A large and brightly colored flower of course! Tulips are excellent choices for holiday flowers because they come in large, colorful blooms that radiate the holiday spirit throughout your home. You can choose from pink, white, or yellow selections of tulips to fit the floral preferences in your home. When paired with other holiday flowers, you can create unique arrangements that complete the holiday season theme.

  • Amaryllis

Amaryllis is best known for its colorful flowering bulbs. Because it can bloom indoors, it is the perfect holiday flower to take care of. The blooms of amaryllis radiate pink, white, and red colors, among many other options. The relatively large bulbs of amaryllis also work well for holiday floral arrangements in the home.

Finding a supplier for holiday flowers

After having identified the holiday flowers to use in your home, the next step is to decide where to buy them. Scotts Flowers in NYC stocks fresh and colorful flowers that will make your holiday season genuinely complete. At Scotts, we are your number one choice for holiday flowers due to the following reasons.

  • Fresh, hand-picked flowers

At Scotts, we understand that quality flowers start from the time they're planted. That is why we handpick all our holiday flowers from local and international suppliers. We also make it easier for you to keep your flowers blooming throughout the year.

  • Timely delivery

Need a fresh holiday bouquet in a day or two? Look no further than Scotts. We are always on standby to supply fresh floral arrangements as soon as you need them. We know how stressful planning for the holidays can be, and we make it easier for you to infuse the holiday spirit into your home.

  • Unique floral arrangements

Our expert florists understand many different types of holiday flowers, and they can create an arrangement for you even on short notice. Try our winter orchid garden, holiday poinsettias, and the natural earth wreath.

Are you ready to buy some fresh holiday flowers? Contact Scotts at call (800) 726 – 8874 or click here to shop for your NYC Holiday Flowers.

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