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We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! Thank You for the great Yelp reviews - Flower Delivery - NYC New York City Manhattan Thank you to all our customers that took the time to leave us great Yelp reviews. Here are a few of our favorites: Scotts Flowers Yelp Review Great Yelp Review Flower Delivery Manhattan New York City NYC"STUNNING! I had friends visiting from my home country of Canada, they called me up from their hotel and shocked me by saying "We want to elope tomorrow!" Well as a event coordinator in Canada for many years they looked to me to organize some semblance of a regular 'wedding' for them in less than 15hrs. I called up Scott's Flowers, explained my situation, told them my wants/likes and dislikes for the day (the Bride had no ideas.) I picked the Bride up in the morning, had her hair/makeup/nails/etc done and sent her to get dressed while I ran down to pick up the flowers & boutonniere on my way to the ceremony... Well I almost cried when I saw them, in an instant it was REAL, my friend since Kindergarten was getting married in 1hr and it was going to be incredible! They had made my exact vision in a matter of hours, it was as if we had meetings and planned it a year in advance. The employee that greeted me was VERY helpful. She had the bouquet packaged in a small travel sized vase incase the ceremony was delayed, she had my bill ready as they were aware of my time crunch and the store itself was gorgeous (I will be buying ALL of my flowers from here from now on.) As I arrived downtown to the Bride & Groom and presented them with their flowers they both cried, the Bride said and I quote: "THESE ARE DREAM FLOWERS!"  they hadn't even expected to have flowers and then to be presented with 'dream flowers' it absolutely 100% made their day. They proudly displayed the flowers in every single photo and convinced customs to allow them to bring them home to Canada with them to be pressed. I really felt that the pricing was very reasonable for wedding flowers (Bouquet & Boutonniere) especially because of the quality of the flowers and their work. I saw the bouquet 4 days later on their way to the airport having been only in water and it was still gorgeous. I cannot thank Scott's Flowers enough for their exemplary service and quality work/product! You made my friends dreams come true:)"   Scotts Flowers NYC Review on Yelp Worth the money if you want the WOW factor.  Spend a little more and you will really impress that someone special.  I sure did!  Ordered a bonsai tree for my boyfriend and it was amazing.  It even had a little man figurine sitting on a rock.  Trust me, people do not want a 1-800-Flowers gift, when you can go somewhere like Scott's Flowers.   Scotts Flowers NYC Review on Yelp 2I don't know if it's cool to write a review for something I didn't pay for, but today I got the most beautiful bouquet of my entire life from Scott's. Melted my heart. And they apparently worked with my fiancé to make sure it was cat-friendly, since our little buddy has a habit of eating things he shouldn't. Winners.
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