Top 10 Valentines Day Arrangements in 2013 by Scott's Flowers

Here in New York City, Valentine's Day is one of the most exciting 24 hours in the florist industry, for obvious reasons! In addition, the weeks leading up to this romance-infused day can be just as exciting and stimulating for our designers.  This year, we challenged our designers to get creative and come up with new and innovative designs that would challenge the usual traditional mixes while still maintaining a vibe that would hold true with the classics.

That being said, here are our favorite Valentine's Day arrangements of 2013, sure to be found through-out Manhattan in the weeks to come!


1. Deep Passion - Explore deep passion with your loved one. An alluring mix of a dozen roses and purple tulips in an 8" flat fishbowl. A brand new Scott's Flowers favorite and sure to be a future most popular!


2. Black Magic - Tap into the lustful power of black magic for a truly romantic Valentine gift of a dozen roses and stunning ti leaves. Explore the darker corners of Manhattan with this exciting and forward-leaning floral piece.


3. Astor Place - Stand the test of time and love with the most traditional and classic dozen red rose arrangement in New York City.

tulip-love 4. Modern Love - Let modern love speak for how you feel tonight with radiantly red tulips in a nouveau vase. Simple and delicate, this is sure to be a NYC favorite beyond the weeks surrounding Valentine's Day!


5. Love Story - Live your fairy tale with the Scott's Flowers Love Story of 2 dozen red roses. Flower arrangements in Manhattan don't get more classic than this!


6. New Love - Capture the excitement of new love in New York City with this majestic tower of a dozen roses, styled with a cymbidium orchid, curly willow and steel grass in a 20" cylinder vase. Re-live your honey-moon phase will this breath-taking piece.


7. Red Hook - She'll be yours. Hook, line, and sinker. Red roses in an envelope vase with black river rocks and decorative moss. Straight-forward and majestic like the ponds of Central Park!


8. Strawberry Fields - Write a love song with beautifully styled clustered arrangement of lively pink cymbidiums, roses and tulips, accented with green hypericum in a cylinder vase with bear grass. Even The Beatles would love this piece!


9. Love Tower - Soar to the top of your romance with our Love Tower! A breathtaking conception of pink cymbidiums in a tall cylinder vase with natural river rocks. These orchids will take you to the top of the Empire State Building!

pink_diamond 10. Pink Diamond - Send your Queen royal love with pink roses and orchids accented with sparkling diamonds. And as the saying goes, "diamonds are a girl's best friend." To view our entire Valentine's Day collection, visit our website here:
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