The Ultimate Manhattan Valentine Gift Giving Guide

The Ultimate Manhattan Valentine Gift Giving Guide

It’s safe to say that in the flurry of day to day life in New York City, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by options. Should you take the train or hail a cab? Order Chinese or Italian? Check out the new exhibit at the MOMA or the Guggenheim? And with Valentines Day fast approaching, we here at Scotts know that deciding on the right gifts for your loved ones can leave you feeling dizzy.

While flowers are a foolproof plan, the choices these days go way beyond roses (although let’s be honest, those are great too.) You may know you want a gorgeous floral arrangement delivered to your loved one’s home, but how can you pick?

Luckily, Scotts Flowers has devised a handy gift giving guide this Valentine’s Day to help you find the perfect match for you perfect match, inspired by the many varied personalities of the city and those who call it home.

She’s SoHo fashionista with a taste for the finer things? We know what she’ll love. He’s a suit wearing stud working on Wall Street? We know just the thing.

Just as every neighborhood is unique, so is every flower, and even more so, every love. Take the stress out of the selection and focus on what matters this Valentine’s Day with flowers delivered right to your door, curated for that special someone with a personal touch that will speak straight to their heart.


Financial District – Modern Love

The striking simplicity of this modern arrangement is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things without the frills. Just picture this contemporary calla lily design adding artistic flair to an apartment or garnering envy in the office.


Tribeca – White Pearl

Capture the simple sophistication of Tribeca with the striking White Pearl arrangement. Both timeless and inventive, those who enjoy the artistic elegance of Tribeca will swoon for this stylish arrangement.


SoHo – Lavender Opulence

Much like Soho itself, this stunning arrangement screams high end style and opulent vibrancy. What better flowers for your fashion savvy significant other than a showstopping selection fit for the pages of Vogue?


Lower East Side – Red Hook

Though aptly named for another of NYC’s iconic neighborhoods, the Red Hook is also perfect for those LES residents who want a hip new take on the classic red rose. In a place where history and eclecticism combine effortlessly, this arrangement will fit right in.


West Village – Be My Valentine

Sweet and vibrant, this beautiful combination of colorful blooms reflects the storied character of one of Manhattan’s most lively locations. Not to mention, the limited-edition Atelier vase will stun even the most stylish West Village super shoppers.


Greenwich Village – Mini Orchid Garden

In a neighborhood as rich with history and culture as Greenwich Village, non-traditional beauty reigns supreme. Breathe life into your loved one’s space with these gorgeous orchid plants for a gift that captures the unique essence of their home, and your love.


East Village – Cosmo Love

The out of this world Cosmo Love is the perfect choice for the hip valentine who find elegance in the eclectic effervescence of the East village. A bright and bubbly array of beautiful blooms is sure to leave even the Village Voice lost for words.


Chelsea – Love Lane

Even among the gallery lined streets of Chelsea, Love Lane will make an artistic impact. Simple design allows the colors to shine, creating beauty beyond reproach.


Gramercy – Jewel Garden

Bring the beauty of Gramercy’s legendary park into your home with this rich jewel toned arrangement featuring a wide variety of fresh flowers. Enjoy nature refined to its finest, no key needed.


Theatre District – Jewel Luxe

Big, bright, and bold! The Jewel Luxe has all the razzle and dazzle of a Broadway play and is sure to it take center stage. Your valentine will feel like the star they are when they receive this showstopper.


Upper West Side – Sweet Unique

Clean and classic, this arrangement was born to brighten up a brownstone. Flowers as classic as Carmine’s get an elegant elevation, perfect for your Upper West Side valentine.


Upper East Side – Blushing Beauty

Evoking the sweet sophistication of the Upper East Side, this chic arrangement will make any apartment feel like a Park Avenue penthouse without the price tag. Beautiful blush tone blooms will leave even the most selective significant others tickled pink.


Harlem – Everlasting Rose Gift Box

It’s difficult to capture the one of a kind Harlem culture in all its vibrant glory, but the undeniably unique Everlasting Rose Gift Box comes close. Featuring nine preserved roses in juicy red or luscious pink, their almost impossibly long life span really isn’t too good to be true, and is sure to be appreciated by those enamored with Harlem’s rich history.


Midtown – Classic Long-Stemmed Roses

The heart of the city and home to Scotts Flowers, Midtown is as synonymous with New York as roses are with Valentines Day. Coming in one or two dozen, make the ultimate romantic gesture with the help of your local florist.

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