The History of Scotts Shop For a Cause Campaigns

The History of Scotts Shop For a Cause Campaigns

For over 50 years, Scotts Flowers in NYC has been a partner of the local community. Through our work in providing quality floral products, we’ve also become deeply involved in the community. We strive to help make NYC, and the country as a whole, a better place to live. 

One of our efforts in the local community includes the “shop for a cause” campaign. Scotts Shop for a Cause Campaigns started off in October 2017, with the goal of supporting a chosen organization or non-profit that does great work in the community.

Campaigns we have successfully completed

Since the launch of shop for a cause, we’ve successfully completed 3 campaigns that made a difference in various ways. Through the purchases made by our customers on select floral products, we’ve successfully made contributions twice to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and once to our very own NYC’s Anjellicle Cats Rescue. 

Each campaign we carry out holds dear to Scotts Flowers, to our customers, and to the recipients of our donations. Scotts Shop For a Cause Campaigns are collaborative efforts that impact the extended community. From each flower we select as part of the cause to each customer who makes a purchase or donation, we all play a role in giving back and making our communities better. 

Here’s an overview of the 3 campaigns we’ve carried out so far. 

October 2017: supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation 

Many people are familiar (BCRF). As the highest rated breast cancer organization in the U.S, BCRF supports and directly funds research activities aimed at treating and eventually eliminating breast cancer. For every dollar that is donated to BCRF, 90 cents are directly committed towards fighting this disease. 

In the first Scotts Shop for a Cause Campaign, we donated 10% of our online sales (during the entire month of October) to BCRF. We choose 4 select designs from our website so as to promote higher sales and a more successful campaign. 

April 2018: Supporting Anjellicle Cats Rescue

In our second shop for a cause campaign, we decided to go local. Our shop cat, Scottie, inspired us to consider a local non-profit cat rescue service as the recipient of our donations. Anjellicle Cat Rescue (ACR) is more than just a locally based cat rescue service. ACR’s goal is to help make NYC a no kill city, where no cat will have to be euthanized because it doesn’t have a home to go to.

Scotts Flowers was proud to collaborate with ACR for our second shop for a cause campaign. In addition to donating a portion of sales, we also made things more personal by providing an opportunity for our customers to make cash/credit card donations. These in-store donations were particularly unique because all donors were able to “put their paws on our window” during the entire month. 

This gave them an opportunity to honor their furry companions in a unique and personal way. When all was said and done, we raised over $1600 for Anjellice Cat Rescue. 

October 2018: Reuniting with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation 

In October 2018, we run our most recent shop for a cause campaign. We collaborated once again with BCRF, knowing the important role they play in supporting breast cancer research.

In preparation for this campaign, we chose popular designs among our collections and optimized them to fit and support the on-going cause. As a result, many of our customers connected with our efforts and became motivated to join the cause.

How we plan for Shop for a Cause

Running a successful shop for a cause campaign is a true teamwork effort. Without support from our customers, we wouldn’t be able to generate enough sales to support our projects. And without unique and attractive floral arrangements made by our team, we wouldn’t be able to provide products that people love and purchase.

This collaborative effort is what has led to the success of our previous campaigns. The floral arrangements that we include for the shop for a cause campaign are carefully selected designs. We also give buyers the option to choose from petite, lux, classic, and stylish floral arrangements that we predict will be popular sellers during an upcoming month. In this way, our customers can speak to the cause in style, color, and presentation whenever they make a purchase.

Future endeavors

Scotts Shop For a Cause Campaigns are just getting started. With 3 successful campaigns organized so far, our future endeavors include supporting the homeless in and around NYC, supporting a local nursing home-and-supporting a children’s hospital.

As a local family-owned floral company operating since 1947, Scotts in NYC takes community involvement very seriously. Our shop for a cause campaigns will continue to make a difference to the community in a small, yet special way. 

Have an idea for a cause that you think would be great for us to donate? Let us know!



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