Sympathy Flowers and Gifts to Show Your Condolences

Sympathy Flowers and Gifts to Show Your Condolences

It’s always difficult to know what a person who’s lost a loved one is going through. However, you can show your care, sympathy, and support by giving them the gift of sympathy flowers. Condolence flowers help bring peace and comfort to the recipient and their loved ones. When placed in the home or at a funeral, such flowers can radiate a feeling of comfort and togetherness for everyone in attendance.

Lots of care needs to go into the selection and preparation of sympathy flowers. As opposed to other occasions, you can’t afford to select an inappropriate or low-quality product for a grieving family. Indeed, attention to detail is absolute. From each stem to the entire floral arrangement, everything should be done with comfort and care.

If you need sympathy flower arrangements in NYC, look no further than Scotts. We pay attention to detail and have experience in picking and arranging condolence flowers. While the flowers may be for a sad occasion, our selections help bring peace and comfort during difficult times.

I walked in 15 minutes before closing and they whipped up the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and they were fresh and not wilted. I stopped by some other places but all they had were wistful looking flowers. At Scotts, they have such a great variety and are so friendly and helpful. Everyone loved the flowers. Thank you! If I ever need more I'll know where to go.

-Bobbi B.

The Importance of Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowers

If there’s any gift you can give to a family that’s grieving, sympathy flowers are top of the list. They are the perfect expression of love, support, and compassion for persons who are grieving. They’re also fitting for a sad event because they express peace and can uplift those who are feeling low.

Not only are flowers a perfect gift for such occasions; they’re also an essential feature for those planning the event itself. Indeed, sympathy flower arrangements are useful for the family to use in their homes and at the funeral site.

  1. Remembering the person who passed away

When a loved one passes away, one of the most important things to do is to remember their life and show as much respect as possible. While this can be done in many different ways, condolence flowers are one of the most effective items you can use. Flowers are special for such occasions because they bring about a feeling of peace, comfort, and support. Funeral flowers are symbols of honor and are the perfect way to give the person a memorable and loving sendoff.

For an emotional event, quality, care, and attention to detail are important. That is why Scotts NYC should be your top choice for finding flowers that will uplift the occasion and honor the life of a person who passed away.

  1. Decorating the coffin and burial site

The loss of a loved one can truly feel sorrowful and hollow. With sympathy flowers, you can help alleviate grief and uplift the bereaved. Funeral flowers can be placed on the coffin and at the burial site to comfort those who are mourning. Flowers can also make the grieving family find comfort in the love and support of their friends and loved ones.

Because each funeral event is unique, the condolence flowers used should be equally unique. Only Scotts NYC has florists who are dedicated to arranging your funeral flowers exactly how you’d like them. And if you need arrangement suggestions, we can also help.

  1. Bringing peace and comfort to the home

Sympathy flowers also bring a feeling of peace and comfort to the family’s home. Indeed, flowers can ease tension in the home and give the grieving family strength and comfort. Condolence flowers can be placed in the living room, bedrooms, and other parts of the home.

With blends of white, light green, pink and purple, the family will have their mood uplifted every time they walk into their homes. Furthermore, sympathy flower arrangements will also help visiting guests in comforting the family and giving them strength.

  1. Showing support to the family

If you’re unable to attend the event being held, you can still show your support by sending sympathy flowers. Flowers are an excellent and fitting gift choice for a sad occasion. Accompanied by a card, sympathy flower arrangements will make your presence and support felt by the grieving family.

Because Scotts has a quality and reliable floral delivery service in NYC, you can count on us to deliver your flowers to the family in good time. We can personalize your condolence flowers to show respect to the bereaved family and to the person who passed away.

  1. Improving the atmosphere of the event

There are many benefits that flowers provide on a daily basis. Some of these benefits are important for a sympathy occasion and they work behind the scenes to make the event proceed smoothly. For example, flowers help to purify the air and eliminate contaminants. They provide an aroma of freshness and comfort to the surrounding environment.

When funeral flowers are placed on the burial site or in the home of the bereaved, they create a welcoming and comforting environment. Flowers also reduce anxiety and make people feel at ease in their current environment.

Floral Arrangements for Comfort and Peace

sympathy flower arrangements

Not just any bouquet of flowers can achieve the feeling of sympathy, comfort, and support. You need a special arrangement that fits the emotions around the occasion. It takes careful attention to colors, flower types, arrangement patterns, and timely delivery to truly achieve the best effect from sympathy flowers.

At Scotts, we have several floral arrangements that can perfectly fit your occasion, show sympathy, and provide support.

  1. Garden of Peace

The garden of peace is a vibrant, uplifting, and appealing floral arrangement. It consists of multiple flower types in various shades of white. When you look at the garden of peace, it brings about comfort and eases tension.

The following flower types make this arrangement truly lush and elaborate for a sad occasion.

  • White roses
  • White anemones
  • White lilac
  • Tulips
  • Orchids
  • Veronica

By slightly varying the number of each flower type as well as the shades of white, we can create a bouquet that is customized to your occasion and fits the mood you’re looking to achieve. Feel free to call/visit us in order to present your ideas and needs as we prepare your Garden of Peace.

  1. Park Avenue

For sympathy flowers, you can never go wrong with white. If you’re looking for a lush design of white roses and hydrangeas, the Park Avenue floral arrangement is a perfect fit. These condolence flowers are a classic beauty for a sad occasion. Not only do they provide a welcoming and comforting feel, they also ease tension and refresh the atmosphere.

The Park Avenue arrangement is rich with white roses, and for good reason. Roses express respect, humility, innocence, and reverence. They’re a great fit for honoring a person who passed away, as well as their loved ones.

The Park Avenue arrangement is luxurious, yet easy to maintain. Simply change the water on a daily basis to help the flowers maintain their white glow. If the weather is sunny outside, try to keep the floral arrangement away from direct sunlight.

At Scotts NYC, we provide you with quality white roses and hydrangeas for the Park Avenue arrangement. Our store keeps freshly handpicked roses that we can use to design and supply this important sympathy flower arrangement. 

  1. Flatiron

The flatiron arrangement is an expression of history in NYC. In preparation for an emotional event that requires support, comfort, and care, you can’t go wrong with the flatiron. The arrangement consists of calla lily blossoms that are clustered in a flat, fancy fishbowl. With a neat arrangement of rocks at the bottom, the flatiron is vibrant and provides a breath of fresh air to any event.

Our freshly picked white lilies make the flatiron stand out from many other floral arrangements. We also have multiple colors available if you are looking for customized options.

As a sympathy flower arrangement, the flatiron is an excellent fit. Lilies are the gold standard of sympathy flowers because they represent innocence, purity, and humility. They’re also an expression of sympathy that is fitting for an emotional event.

How We Prepare Our Floral Arrangements

condolence flowers

Not all sympathy flowers are the same. At Scotts NYC, we prepare condolence flowers that express the life, beauty, and legacy of the departed. Because of the important role they play, we pay attention to detail with each stem we pick.

That is why we’ve developed a flower arrangement process that is uniquely suited to meet your needs. When you contact us for sympathy flower arrangements, you can expect the following process to help make your event a success.

  • Arranging a Meeting

Rather than shoving products down your throat, we actually care about your needs and preferences. At Scotts, we take the time to arrange a meeting with you so we can discuss your specific plans.

If you’re planning for a funeral, a memorial, or other events to honor the departed, it can be overwhelming to get everything in place. We understand the pressure that surrounds such plans and we’re here to help. We also listen carefully to your desires and do our best to meet your needs.

  • Suggesting floral arrangements that may work for you

At Scotts NYC, we keep a wide variety of sympathy flowers for many different events. Whether you’re looking to beautify the burial scene or to bring comfort in your home, we have condolence flowers that can meet your needs. We will work closely with you to compare your options and select the best floral products available.

  • Preparation and Delivery

Scotts also has the best delivery service in NYC. What you see when you order with us is exactly what you get delivered to you (if not better). We can deliver fresh flowers regularly (every week or month) while you grieve to ensure that your environment maintains its peace and comfort.

Our sympathy flower arrangements combine roses, lilies, tulips, and hydrangea bring comfort and love to your sympathy event. And because our delivery service is so reliable, you can count on us to meet your delivery needs in NYC even when you’re away. Perhaps Risa O. puts it best:

They are incredibly accommodating! I ordered very last minute but they were able to get the flowers delivered right on time and made my whole weekend! Thank you so much!! The person I sent them to absolutely loved it and that was all that matter.

  • Best types of Sympathy Flowers to show love and support

At Scotts flowers, we know what you need to truly express respect, support, and comfort. Our rich history in the flower business enables us to stock the types of sympathy flowers that are most meaningful for showing your condolences.

With these floral selections, you can use them as a gift to a bereaved family or as a set up for the burial site. At Scotts, we supply the following types of condolence flowers.

  • Lilies (purity, innocence, sympathy)
  • Gladioli (moral integrity, sincerity, character, respect)
  • Roses (humility, innocence, love, respect)
  • Orchids (sympathy, support, peace)
  • Tulips (grace, purity, love)
  • Daffodils (love, nature, innocence)
  • Hydrangea (sincerity, comfort, understanding)

Why Choose Scotts for Sympathy Flowers?

condolence flower arrangements

When it comes to funeral flowers and sympathy flower arrangements in NYC, you can trust Scotts Flowers to walk you along every step of the way. One of the best ways of expressing support and comforting a bereaved family is by giving the gift of flowers.

The innocence and peace of floral products can provide comfort and support to a heavy heart. Why should you trust us to supply your sympathy flowers in NYC?

  1. Customization and Attention to Detail

At Scotts, we separate ourselves from the competition due to our attention to detail. Each stem we pick is sourced directly by us. We don’t rely on contractors or other third-party entities to obtain our flowers. Therefore, from the field to the funeral site, we guarantee the quality of our floral products.

  1. Professional and Experienced Florists

At Scotts, we’ve been serving New Yorkers for well over 50 years. With our condolence flowers, we help bring comfort and peace to sorrowful events.

Our florists have decades of experience in the industry, and we can help you select the best flowers to uplift the spirit of a bereaved family. Don’t take our word for it; listen to what our customers have to say.

Overall Scott's Flowers is an amazing boutique. The flowers are luxurious, the service is impeccable, and the best part is: Scott's is family-owned which is something you rarely see in today's world. I would give them more stars if I could!

- Nick C. from Glen Head NY

  1. Quality Floral Products

We serve the NYC areas of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Nassau County. For all those areas, we ensure top quality in our sympathy flowers. The margin of error for a condolence gift is very small. If you give the wrong gift, you may simply add to the grief of a loved one.

With Scotts quality flowers, you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong color or poor-quality roses. We take our funeral flowers very seriously, and we don’t compromise on quality. If you need any last-minute changes to your flowers, we’re also happy to help. Our top priority is making sure that we meet your needs via our quality sympathy flower arrangements.

  1. Competitive Prices

As a luxury florist in NYC, we’ve achieved the perfect balance between high-end products and competitive pricing. We believe that you don’t need to break the bank just to show your love and support for friends/family who are going through a hard time. At the same time, we have a mission to ensure quality sympathy flowers for our customers.

Achieving such a balance is easier said than done, but Scotts is able to deliver consistently on this promise. That’s why we stand out from other flower deliveries in NYC. We understand the industry (and your specific needs) at a deeper level than the competition. Regardless of the type of event, we always pay attention to detail with each stem that we pick. Our florists also tailor each floral arrangement to meet the occasion or needs of the recipient. Therefore, you can always count on us for a balance between quality and affordable cost.

Do you need to show support and provide comfort to a grieving family? Look no further than Scotts for sympathy flowers. Call us at (800) 726-8874 or click here to shop.

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