Summer Flower Articles to Keep you Going in August...

One of our favorite flower blogs, The Flower Factor, recently published some helpful articles providing tips to keep your flowers healthy, entertaining, and elegant through the warm summer months.

1. Keeping it Blooming All Summer Long - A nice article about maintaining your blooming garden all summer long. There are some really great tips in here about watering, feeding, and removing insects and pests!

2. Welcome Summer Guests - The summer is a time to invite guests to your home. Here are some great tips on how to spice things up in all different types of homes from a lake house, to a modern apartment, to a tropical home.

3. Flowers for a Summer Barbecue - We all take pride in preparing our meats, veggies, and drinks for every BBQ. Here are some great ideas on how to take your next cook out to the next levels with flowers!

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