Spring Is Here! Let's Get Ranunculus!

Spring Is Here! Let's Get Ranunculus!

Ranunculus are in season!

RanunculusKnown for their lustrous petals, ranunculus have long been a springtime favorite! In Victorian times they were a symbol of charm, and the recipient of a bouquet was considered to be 'rich in attractions' or very pleasing to the eye. Who wouldn't have wanted to receive a bunch of ranunculus?

RanunculusThe word Ranunculus has storied past as well! It is the Latin term for 'little from', most likely because the species grows near boggy areas where frogs live.

RanunculusThere are many species of Ranunculus - about 600! Some of the varieties include buttercups, spearworts, water crowfoots and the lesser celandine. Their vibrant flower petals are like scales, which slowly open until you can see deep into the heart of the flower.

RanunculusRanunculus need a very long, cool establishment period to develop their robust root system and extensive foliage in order to support their large blooms.

RanunculusYou can extend the life ranunculus by cutting off the end of the stems and placing them in a clean vase with water and flower food, and avoid overwatering. That said, Ranunculus love water so you regularly re-fill their vase.

RanunculusHappy Spring!

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