Scott's Flowers: The Top 5 Flowers for St. Patrick’s Day In NYC

You live in New York City, so you’re likely to be aware of all the festivities surrounding one of the most celebrated parades in the entire world. Here at Scott's Flowers, we find it hard to imagine that the first NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade marched back in 1762 – over a decade before the declaration of independence was even written!  With over 2 million spectators and two-hundred-thousand participants lining the depths of 5th avenue, there is no doubt that everyone is Irish in the Big Apple come St. Parick’s Day.

That being said, without further ado, here are Scott’s Flowers top 5 flowers to bestow upon your loved ones, your friends, your family, and anyone else who might deserve a bit of Irish luck on this joyous holiday. Click here to read more.
1. Green Orchids
The Green Orchid is a symbol of life, rejuvenation, freedom and harmony.  They are flowers of vitality and represent health and prosperity.  This flower is said to be most healthy in the early to mid-summer, so there is actually no better time to give the gift of a green orchid then on March 17th, 2012, staged to survive through the hot summer months in NYC.

2. Green Roses
It was about the same time as the first St. Patrick’s Day parade (give or take 20 years!) that the first green roses appeared in the world and immediately became known for its refreshing pepper-scented aroma. This flower represents fertility and growth, and even conveys wishes for success in business – a somewhat appropriate and fitting aspiration for life here in Manhattan!
3. Bells of Ireland
Surprisingly, Bells of Ireland do not grow in Ireland but actually originate from Syria and other Mediterranean countries. This flower is a staple in St. Patrick’s Day arrangements and considered to be an extremely noble flower. Bells appropriately symbolize good luck and maintain a savory sweet smell!

4. Green Carnations
In America, “wearing the green” became popular back in the 20th century due to the flowers’ representation of good luck. The Green Carnation is another great staple for St. Patrick’s Day and perfect for the Big Apple!

5. Shamrocks
Last but not least, the famous Shamrock was said to represent the Holy Trinity by St. Patrick himself, due to the plants tri-part leaves.  Occasionally, you will find a Shamrock with four leaves, and this is considered to be extremely lucky for the finder.

Please visit our website to place an order for St. Patrick’s Day arrangements at www.scottsflowersnyc.comor call us at 212-727-2800. 
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