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02-04-2014 Scott's Flowers NYC Top 5 Valentine's Day Arrangements 2014

Valentine's Day is our favorite time of the year. People all over New York City express their love in countless ways. Hopefully, Scott's Flowers can help you make the day a little more special this year with these amazing arrangements. Deep Passion   1. Deep Passion - One of our most exciting signature arrangements and a Scotts Flowers classic. An alluring mix of deep red roses and fuchsia dutch tulips in an 8" flat fishbowl. Black Magic   2. Black Magic - When our designers put this one together we new we had an instant classic. One of our most beautiful arrangements of all time. An enchanting, luxurious display of a dozen red roses and ti leaves. Red Hook   3. The Red Hook - Deliver to this arrangement to your the one you want, and she'll be yours, hook, line, and sinker. A modern and exquisite display of flawless red roses clustered with green moss and black river rocks. Strawberry Fields   4. Strawberry Fields - All you need is love" and this lush piece of lively pink cymbidiums, roses and Dutch tulips, accented with green hypericum berries. Love Tower 5. Love Tower - Simply stunning. A breathtaking conception of pink cymbidiums in a tall cylinder vase with natural river rocks.

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