Scott's Flowers NYC: Ideas to Make Mom Happy This Mother's Day

Ordering flowers on Mother's Day is as much tradition as it is a simple, kind gesture to show some appreciation for your Mother.  That being said, it can be easy to get stuck ordering the same bouquet, in the same style and fashion each and every year. Here are a few ideas to inspire you this Mother's Day in 2012!

1. Give a Flower that Lasts

What if the flowers you give your mother this year lasted many weeks, or even several months? There is nothing wrong with a simple bouquet or flower arrangement, but there is something extra special about longevity! With proper care, an orchid could live for quite a long time and be a consistent reminder of joy, love and appreciation for your mother every day! Breeze through our orchid collection and see if you can find a perfect fit.  Orchids also represent love, beauty, and strength, and thus make for a great Mother's Day idea.

2. Surprise your Mother Early with our Current Sale

Scott's Flowers is currently running a promotion to pre-order flowers for Mother's Day for 15% off our current prices! (Offer ends May 8th. 2012) Not only is this a good deal and a chance to save a few dollars, but this can also be a great opportunity to surprise your mother a little early. Have an arrangement from our Mother's Day Collection delivered to your mother's workplace on Tuesday or Wednesday so she can enjoy the flowers all week and bring them home for the weekend!

3. Engage your Mother's Personality

Pink is the most traditional and appropriate color for Mother's Day, but enough with the rules already! Don't forget, this day is ALL about pleasing your mother, so grab her favorite flowers in her favorite colors. whatever that may be!  There are literally thousands of possible combinations, so keep it simple and stick with what your mother loves and leave it to us here at Scott's Flowers to make the arrangement as beautiful as possible.

4. Talk to a Florist

There are many middle-men on the internet promising all sorts of unreliable things. The best advice we can give is to pick up the phone and call a florist to speak about the options and possibilities available for your mother.  Florists work with flowers and plants every single day and have a bountiful and comprehensive amount of knowledge on the subject of arrangements! Feel free to call us anytime to discuss options for Mother's Day at 1-800-726-8874.

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