Romantic Flower Ideas

Romantic Flower Ideas

Nothing says romance like a bouquet, specially picked for someone you love. However, when you’re shopping selections at the store or with a florist, how do you know which blooms to buy? Here’s a good place to start: Look at what specific flowers symbolize. Today, there are several types of flowers considered especially romantic, each with significance. To go above and beyond in surprising someone you love, show your thoughtfulness and consideration by picking buds not just for their beauty, but also their meaning.

Consider these romantic flower ideas: 

  • Roses: Quintessentially romantic, roses are a classic choice for showing someone you care. Red roses are especially linked with love and romance, but other colors have special meanings, as well. Pink roses symbolize admiration and joy, orange stands for passion, yellow for friendship and white for purity.
  • Tulips: Identified with the idea of perfect love, tulips are the third best-selling flower in Holland and popular throughout the world. Just as red roses symbolize love and romance, red tulips are linked with a romantic message and tend to be considered a declaration of love.
  • Orchids: Stunningly exotic, the orchid connotes love, beauty and seduction, making it a wonderful choice for a loving bouquet. Some people consider orchids specifically to be an expression of delicate beauty and, by giving them to someone, a way to communicate the beauty you see in him or her.
  • Lilies: Giving someone a lily is another way to say you think he or she is beautiful. These lovely flowers connote magnificent beauty and splendor. Another idea, related to lilies, is alstroemeria, romantic blooms in the lily family that symbolize devotion and friendship.
  • Sunflowers: Want to tell your special someone that you’re in it for the long haul? Consider incorporating sunflowers or dwarf sunflowers into a bouquet. These bright and cheerful flowers call to mind more than summertime. They’re also associated with loyalty in the language of blooms.
  • Carnations: The sweet and ruffled look of carnations makes them a popular flower choice, especially because of their great symbolism, expressing gratitude, cheerfulness, pure love and good luck. On top of that, carnations are long-lasting flowers that can look and smell good for up to a month with regular water changing.
Anyone can go to the store and pick up a bouquet, but to communicate a little extra care, think about the meaning behind the flowers you choose. When you’re looking for artistic arrangements that can arrive with same-day flower delivery in New York City, come to Scotts Flowers NYC. Contact us today to arrange a delivery to someone you love!
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