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As New Yorkers, we pride ourselves as the city that never sleeps. We believe in efficiency, getting things done, and we value our time.  Some people call this the 'New York Minute' and others simply see this as the price we pay for living in the greatest city in the world. 

We pay too much in rent, live in small spaces, and a floor to ceiling window is considered to be the finest of luxuries.  With that in mind, Scott's Flowers NYC has put together a plant care page to help you make the most out of the plants you keep in your apartments, lobbies, and residential housing. Let's face it, with our drastic weather changes and different apartment environments, it isn't always easy to keep plants alive.  Hopefully, Scott's Flowers NYC can help. Here are some of our NYC plant favorites, but to see the entire plant care page, visit our website here.


African Violets make for an extremely common house plant which can bloom at any time of the year! These small plants should be kept indoors, ideally by a window. They like direct sunlight at some point through out the day, so if possible, face your African Violet out towards the East River so that the morning sun can shine on this plant once per day. For watering, African Violets do not do well with tap water that contains any impurities, so let the water sit out for about 8 hours before watering if possible. Water every couple of days once the soil becomes dry. Make sure your apartment is temperature controlled, as African Violets do not do well in extreme heat or cold, like our New York summers and winters!

Aglaonema is an extremely simple house pant to take care of. Also known as Chinese Evergreen, these plants are extremely popular as office plants and are perfect for New York City rooms with little to no sunlight. These plants inhabit many of the Manhattan business offices, lobbies, and cubicles and is also popular among NYC apartment residents. In the summer, this plant can be watered every week. In the other months of the year, the plant will only need to be watered every couple weeks depending on the dampness of the soil. Despite a preference for humid conditions, Aglaonema can adapt to many different conditions.

Boston Ferns make for a great hanging basket plant. They prefer medium light, so keep this plant away from direct sunlight and maintain a distance of approximately 5 feet from windows. These ferns require moderate to heavy watering but is extremely easy to take care of. Keep the plant away from drafts & vents if possible. Despite the name, New Yorkers are quite fond of this plant making it a hanging basket plant favorite in NYC.

Cyclamen is a beautiful flowering plant. They can be watered frequently when flowers are showing and the soil feels dry. Once the flowers have bloomed and begin to fade, allow the plant to dry out and water less frequently. Keep this plant in bright, indirect light. A shady, air conditioned NYC office or apartment environment in the summer would be ideal for Cyclamen.

Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum) is one of the easiest and most popular house plants in Manhattan and throughout the United States! Since this plant thrives in low light areas, it can be placed almost anywhere. Keep this plant out of direct sunlight, and ideally, place it 5 to 8 feet from a window. The most important part of taking care of a Peace Lilly is heavy watering! Allow the soil to dry out in-between waterings, and it is ok if the foliage droops slightly in-between waterings. This is a New York City favorite because of this plant's strength and persistence and highly recommended by Scott's Flowers NYC if you're looking for a low maintenance plant!

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