Planning The Perfect Corporate Event

Planning The Perfect Corporate Event

You want your corporate event attendees to fall in love with your brand with effortless elegance. Needless to say, planning a corporate event in NYC can feel like the opposite of effortless. If you’ve been tasked with staging your company’s event of the year, take heart: This five-step checklist will get you rolling in the right direction quickly. 

  1. Begin With the Budget

    Don't even discuss the theme until you know how much you can spend on this soiree; nail this number down with top management on day one. Make sure everyone is on the same page and understands how this event is designed to build your brand and boost important strategic relationships so that your event investment pays back. Once you know the budget, start brainstorming in earnest.

  2. Determine the Date

    Before leaving the budgeting meeting, set the date. If you have an event venue, pencil that in, too. However, this is a detail you may need to research more in step four. Having a solid date will provide everyone with a deadline toward which to work.

  3. Tag the Team

    Assign the ideal team members and get them on board for a brainstorming session to discuss the goals, theme and vision for the event. Clear communication is essential among team members. This team can make your job easier if it has the right support and ownership over its piece of the event. Delegation — make it work for you!

  4. Brainstorm the Big Idea

    With the budget, deadline and dream team in place, have a fun brainstorming meeting. Challenge the team to plan an event that aims squarely at achieving your company’s brand-building, networking and promotional goals. After this, you should have a clear plan, outlining your vision of the event.

    Discuss the following event aspects and how they can highlight — not distract from — the company brand:
    • A short tagline and logo for the event
    • Venue (contracts, permits, prices, reservations)
    • Presenters, speakers and demos
    • Entertainment and networking activities
    • Decor and floral arrangements
    • Food and drink
    • Promotional giveaways
    • Publicity (online and offline methods)
    • Partnerships and sponsorships
    • Registration (online forms, fees, parking, lodging, etc.)

    Decide how each of these elements will help you brand the event so they all convey the cohesive, exciting message your company wants attendees to receive.

  5. Delegate the Details

    Assign team members to work on each of these elements after having the initial brainstorming meeting. Schedule a working lunch a few days later to bring each team member back together, get a progress report, and decide on the next steps. Schedule regular face-to-face flash meetings (quick ones). Also, keep an online planning schematic going with your favorite planning software app so everyone knows the status of each task at any time.

    If we might add one more suggestion: Make sure you have contingency plans for anything that might not go as planned for each item on your list. If you always have a backup, you can avoid unnecessary anxiety or stressful moments that could detract from the goal of the event. Your visitors will just assume that you’re a master corporate event planner!

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