Peony Passion

Peony Passion

Hello Flower Friends!
It's the month of May, and Mother's Day is upon us! With this late-spring time of year, there is one flower that comes to mind and finally comes to the doors of happy recipients...

The sweet, fragrant, voluptuous, delicate and utterly fantastic


WHY are we so excited about this?

For starters, people ask for peonies year-round and become quickly disappointed in their elusive availability-- meaning most of the time, we just can't get them. It's so sad to be the bearer of this bad news to clients in January and July! But in the merry ol' month of May, we finally get to say YES to peonies! And that feels great.


Brides. Moms. Sisters. Friends. Gardeners. Grandmothers. Celebrities. Ants-- yes, I said ants. And Cats! Just ask Scottie...

5 REASONS WHY people (and ants) love PEONIES:


 While most perfectly grande peonies average 5" or 6" across at full bloom, some can grow to be a whopping 10" in diameter. That's wider than a soccer ball! I know... Crazy...


 The peony, known as the "Flower of Riches," is said to bring good fortune, luck, and a happy marriage. It's even the official flower for the 12th wedding anniversary.


 The peony inspires creative minds. As the floral symbol of China, the peony has inspired Chinese artists, poets, and writers for centuries. European artists such as Renoir and Van Gogh, among others, have also focused their paintbrushes on the exquisite and unique beauty of the peony.


 Luxury fragrance specialists have made millions of dollars over the years by harnessing the sweet aroma of the peony into a bottle for products such as perfumes, body mists, lotions and candles, sold around the world in popular demand. In our latest seasonal floral collection for Mother's Day and Late Spring, we are thrilled to use several gorgeous and fragrant varieties of peonies, namely the Alex Fleming pink peony, which is known as one of the most fragrant peony varieties & the Coral Charm peony whose bright coral color changes every day:

And finally... #5

The ANTS... Don't stop reading-- this is cool, I promise! So, the peony begins as a very tight bud of petals that needs a little help to open into the beautiful bloom you know and love. Who does this, you ask? The ants do! These little itchy buggers crawl into the petals to get to the sweet nectar in the middle of the bloom. In doing so, the ants help loosen the petals, allowing the flower to relax its grip and get to blooming! Furthermore, if you grow peonies and notice ants crawling around, DON'T knock them off the petals! Ants keep away other pesky bugs that would like to chew up those gorgeous petals. See? Even the ants serve a valuable purpose in the beauty of the world!

2 WAYS you can get your paws on some of these PEONY beauties:


 Check out our new Mother's Day Collection and start drooling... We offer many floral arrangements that include different varieties of peonies. We also offer same-day delivery service in and around Manhattan to offices and homes, alike. New York City is our home, and we want it to be as beautiful as possible. If you are in Midtown, stop by and smell the PEONIES in our store!



If you have gardening space, be patient, and head to your local garden center in the FALL season (not Spring), and pick up some pots of your favorite peony varieties to see beautiful blossoms next year.


WHAT do YOU love about PEONIES?
Until next time,
Keep Blooming!
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