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05-16-2014 Peonies: The Classic Beauty

Pink Classic



  A classic and elegant flower, everyone loves the beautiful peony, whose season is so sadly short - just May and June. The history of the peony dates back thousands of years, and even appears in Greek Mythology where a physician who aided Apollo's Mother is saved from the ultimate fate of mortals by being turned into an eternally beautiful peony. Although it was brought to Europe in 1784, it originates from India and China, where it was long coveted for not only its beauty, but also for its roots and their fever-reducing and haemostatic properties. Today they are far better known for their lush, full, rounded bloom, and their range of colors such yellow, white, pink and red. Incredibly, there are over a thousand varieties of peonies!  

Pink Lady



Today the peony is a much more romantic symbol, standing for love, a happy life and good health. Peonies are also known as the flower of riches and honor, and embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage. As a result their beautiful rich, blooms are perfect for wedding bouquets and arrangements. And for ladies who love peonies, your wedding isn't the last time the flower brings romance - they are also the traditional flower of the 12th anniversary. No matter the color of the petal, or the occasion they are for, peonies are the perfect choice!

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