Our Favorite June Flowers

Our Favorite June Flowers

Here at Scotts Flowers, we pride ourselves on sourcing the freshest flowers from farms all over the world. Even with our global reach, seasonality plays a major role in determining which blooms we deliver to our valued customers at any particular time of year.

After April showers give way to May flowers, the month of June brings an abundance of fabulous fleurs. Read on for our favorite June blooms - then head over to our “Early Summer” collection to see them in action!


cockscomb flower

Often compared to coral - or brains - Cockscomb is truly a delight to the senses. Featuring a velvety texture and endless spiraling ridges, it can be found in a rainbow of vibrant colors.

cockscomb flower 2

You will notice chartreuse-hued Cockscomb adding textural flair to the Seaport, Hamptons, Montauk, Greenport, and Beach Street arrangements.

Scabiosa Pods

scabiosa pods

Complex and long-lasting, Scabiosa Pods evoke bucolic poetry a la Vincent van Gogh. Though rustic in appearance, we love the air of sophistication that Scabiosa Pods add to powerful arrangements.

scabiosa pods 2

You’ll see them peeking out of the Desert Rose, Water Mill, Sag Harbor, Hamptons, and Summer Soiree.


chamomile flowers

Delicate in both size and shade, Chamomile flowers signified “energy in adversity” throughout the 19th century. Today, they remind us of the restful, relaxing effects of their namesake tea.

chamomile flowers 2

We love to use Chamomile flowers as a playful element in arrangements such as Amagansett, The High Line and, of course, Calm Chamomile!



Rhythm and movement abound in Nigella, which comes in a variety of blue hues. Though petite, Nigella delivers major impact and flair with pointed petals and frothy foliage.

nigella flower 2

We used it for a pop of pizzaz in the Wooster Street and Montauk arrangements.


Queen Anne’s Lace

queen annes lace

Just as Queen Anne united England and Scotland in the 1700s, her namesake flower is an ideal finishing touch to tie together elegant mixes of blooms.

queen annes lace flower 2

Voluminous yet light, you’ll see Queen Anne’s Lace in the Sunflower Fields, Vibrant Classic and Amagansett arrangements.

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