NYC Wedding Bouquets and Arrangements for the Big Day

NYC Wedding Bouquets and Arrangements for the Big Day

Make Your NYC Wedding Unforgettable

From bridal bouquets to boutonnieres, flowers form an important part of any wedding. They add color, style, and texture to your wedding venue while contributing to the overall theme of your special day. Flowers are also the ultimate expression of love, beauty, and elegance, all of which will be defining themes during your wedding ceremony.

Choosing the right wedding bouquets will be the difference between a glowing bridal party and a lackluster event. Indeed, wedding bouquets and arrangements are more than just flowers that the bride and her team have to carry. They’re also the ultimate form of expression, allowing newly weds to express their unique personalities and their vibrant relationship.

While there may be limitations in what you can place on church pews or table centerpieces, bouquets give you the opportunity to be free, adventurous, and expressive.

When planning for an upcoming wedding in NYC, Scotts Flowers has you covered. We’re more than just a florist who can supply wedding flowers to your venue. We also pay attention to detail, and can work with you to select, arrange, and deliver quality wedding bouquets and floral arrangements that will define your big day.

How the right bouquets can spice up your wedding ceremony

There’s a lot that goes into planning a perfect wedding in NYC, from choosing the right venue to choosing the right time of year. After all this planning, many couples find themselves with limited time to select the perfect floral arrangements. In fact, couples often view floral bouquets as the icing on the cake, rather than the cake itself.

Choosing the right bouquets can make or break your special day. Why? Because these flowers add more than just beauty to your special occasion: they also spice up your wedding ceremony in the following ways.

They help create a truly memorable theme

Adding a theme to your wedding in NYC is the perfect way of expressing yourself, keeping your guests entertained, and creating long-lasting memories. Just as a bride’s wedding dress will have an impact on the overall theme, wedding bouquets and arrangements will also play an important role in the style, mood, and feel of your wedding ceremony.

For example, you can go for an elegant and classy theme by choosing a bouquet of all-white roses, or a theme that focuses on friendship and comfort by adding yellow lilies and sunflowers to your bridal bouquet. Wedding flower arrangements give you the opportunity to create a customized theme that you and your guests will enjoy.

You can select arrangements that blend with your wedding venue

Your wedding bouquets will also be influenced by the venue you choose. Selecting floral arrangements that blend with the wedding venue will create a clean and fitting environment for your big day.

If you’re going for an all-natural theme in a botanical garden, you may opt for simpler wedding bouquets so you can balance the attention between your venue and surrounding decorations. On the other hand, a wedding reception being held in a ballroom gives you the opportunity to select more elaborate and luxurious floral arrangements.

Make your guests feel comfortable

Choosing the right bouquets in NYC will also add to the comfort of your guests. Wedding floral arrangements play the biggest role in creating a specific theme and mood within a chosen venue.

As soon as your guests walk in, they will notice the colors, fragrance, placement, and textures of your wedding flowers. Therefore, you should consider how your wedding flowers will influence the comfort of your guests on this big day.

Types of wedding flowers

A lot goes into creating, arranging, and choosing the right wedding bouquets. If you’re new to the experience, making the right choice can easily feel overwhelming. It helps to know what goes into making a wedding bouquet, including the types of flowers that are used. And while the sky is the limit when it comes to selecting a fitting wedding flower for your special occasion, knowing the most common selections will help you make more informed decisions when working with your wedding florist.

Some of the most common wedding flowers used in bouquets include:


Tulips represent lasting love, and the right color choice may also give off a “timeless love” theme. Tulips are a popular wedding flower because they come in many different hues. They can be blended with lilies, roses, and hydrangeas to create a full, texture-rich wedding bouquet.

From white and creamy hues to vibrant shades such as red and purple, you can’t go wrong when adding tulips to wedding arrangements. Their thin and lengthy design also makes them a perfect choice for groomsmen’s boutonnieres.


Roses are the ultimate symbol of all things to do with love. Your NYC wedding bouquets would be incomplete without adding at least a few roses in the mix. Depending on the type and color you choose, you can create varying emotion, passion, and beauty.

Garden roses add to an elegant and classy theme, while hybrid tea roses blend well with many other wedding flowers within a neatly arranged bouquet.


Lilies represent purity, peace, and friendship. When placed in wedding bouquets, they give the bride a pure and delicate feel as she walks down the aisle. Calla lilies are also a good choice for boutonnieres, creating a peaceful theme for both the bridal party and the groomsmen.


Hydrangeas are the icing on the cake of any wedding bouquet. They create a bushy, blossoming feel due to their wide petal flowers and vibrant hues. Hydrangeas are perfect for an uplifting and exciting wedding theme, whether being used in bouquets or table centerpieces.

Choosing the right Bridal bouquets

There are many different types of bridal bouquets in NYC. Some are more traditional in nature, featuring a combination of roses and lilies. Others are elegant, modern and popular, featuring freshly cut flowers and creative arrangements.

Here are some popular wedding bouquets you should consider to spice up your wedding theme.

Nosegay bouquets

If you’re looking for an elegant and romantic-themed wedding, you can’t go wrong with the Nosegay arrangement. This bouquet is compact, round, and arranged in a uniform length. There’s typically one flower that acts as the focal point (can be a rose, lily, or tulip), and the arrangement creates a focused and intimate setting.


The Biedermeier arrangement is for couples who have an artistic side to them. These wedding bouquets are arranged in concentric circles and can feature a blend of different wedding flowers.

Each flower is uniformly cut, perfectly aligned, and neatly arranged to give off an eccentric touch. Orchids, lilies, and roses all work well to complete the Biedermeier arrangement.

Cascade bouquets

If you prefer a more attention-grabbing arrangement, cascade bouquets will get the job done. They feature a continuous bloom of flowers, stretching from the center all the way to your feet.

A cascade bouquet is designed to hang freely from the bride’s arms as she walks down the aisle. This arrangement is perfect for both classy ballroom weddings and garden-style weddings that feature the overall selections available in the environment.

Classic round

Couples shooting for a simple, balanced, yet elegant theme should consider round wedding bouquets. The classic round design typically features one or two different flowers, arranged with a harmonic theme.

The stems are held tightly together to create a wide bloom at the top. And with the right color selections, you can blend both modern and traditional themes for an audience with many different preferences.

Wedding bouquets and arrangements from Scotts Flowers NYC

As important as wedding bouquets are, you need the right florist to bring these arrangements to life. On your big day in NYC, it’s the little details that will matter most. You and your guests will be able to tell the difference between dull floral arrangements and artistic, handcrafted selections. Therefore, you’ll need a quality florist who pays attention to detail and works closely with you when arranging theme-specific wedding bouquets.

Scotts Flowers in NYC has over 5 decades of experience in selecting, arranging, and supplying floral arrangements. From traditional selections to modern-themed artistic designs, we work closely with you in meeting the specific needs of your special occasion. And because all our floral selections are handpicked, we ensure fresh, high quality bouquets that are handled with utmost care. 

Let our team of in-house florists spice up your once in a lifetime event. We can help you select not only wedding bouquets, but also boutonnieres, table centerpieces, and pew ends that will breathe life into your special day. Ready to start planning? Contact Scotts at (800) 726 – 8874 or click here to learn more and start shopping!

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