NYC Succulents & Their Rise in Popularity

NYC Succulents & Their Rise in Popularity

Succulents have become a very popular home decoration over the last several years. These drought-resistant plants can be found at garden centers, botanical gardens, wedding receptions, office lobbies, apartments, and other various locations throughout New York City. NYC succulents have gained popularity due to their versatility, low maintenance, and health benefits like air purification and memory enhancement!

Scotts’ Succulents

Modern Succulent Dish Garden

This beautiful succulent comes in our unique big fang container and it’s absolutely perfect for the modern home or office. A simple teaspoon of water once the soil dries out is enough to keep your succulent happy in NYC. Very convenient for the busy professional!

Petite Mix & Match Succulent Set 

Enjoy the “trend of tiny” with our colorful, chic succulents! These little succulents make incredible gifts for the NYC office, home, and any tiny space in desperate need of love and sunshine! These succulents can be bought in multiples or as individuals to accompany a larger order. We source a wide array of succulents and colorful, unique pottery that are sure to coordinate perfectly with your NYC succulent set!

Summer Succulents

Now you’re able to enjoy summer all year long with these fun potted succulents! Our growers take a lot of time and dedication when selecting these beautiful potted plants so you know you are getting only the highest quality from Scotts. These summer treats may vary in species/size and come delicately planted in our new Agave Plant Collection.

Sansevieria Cylindrica

A special succulent! When it comes to NYC succulents, this on the list of one of the most unique! These incredibly smooth, green cylindrical leaves are what make this succulent such a must see. The Sansevieria Cylindrica is an ideal plant that is extremely simple to care for and improves the air quality more than most other indoor plants; perfect for your home and/or office!

The Coral Cactus

The hip and cool succulent! Although named “The Coral Cactus” this plant is actually an African Succulent. This NYC succulent is truly a striking visual appearance making this a fantastic choice for anyone and anywhere.

NYC Succulents Rise in Popularity

Once an afterthought, succulents have become extremely popular in metropolitan areas like NYC and within the millennial community. The extremely low maintenance required for succulents is definitely a big reason. Also known as the plants that take care of themselves, a simple watering every now and then will be just fine.

LOW MAINTENANCE AND LOW WATER IS NOT THE SAME AS NO MAINTENANCE AND NO WATER! Like all plants, you do need to care for your succulents, keep an eye on the soil and when it gets dry, re-water (once a week or so should suffice). The same goes for feeding, while usually only requiring one feeding a year, it’s a feeding you can’t forget! Here are a few more tips to keep those NYC succulents healthy.

  1. Get Your Succulent Some Sun (place near the brightest window or area)
  2. Use The Right Soil (i.e. a fast drain cactus mix)
  3. Clip and Cure (let your clippings dry!)

Aside from the easy maintenance, when it comes to succulents, there is so much variety. From all the different succulents to pots, to layout design, you’ll never run out of options! 

The Benefits of Having Succulents

Yes, succulents don’t require a lot of attention and there are many options, but they also provide a ton of health benefits! Here are some of them:

  1. Succulents Help You Breathe – All plants produce oxygen, we know this. But did you know succulents are one of the few plants that actually produce oxygen for you 24 hours a day? Keeping succulents next to your bed can provide that extra boost of oxygen you need to get a good night’s sleep!
  1. Succulents Purify The Air – Besides providing oxygen, succulents actually purify the air around us. A NASA study found that succulents remove 87% of volatile organic compounds (VOC); so what? VOC toxins are also found in ink, cigarette smoke, and grocery bags!
  1. Succulents Help You Focus – Over the years, numerous studies have found that retention and concentration improve when plants are in the room or when people are around plants. The University of Michigan for example, conducted a study that found retention increases by 20% when plants are present. This is why small plants like succulents are great for your desk or apartment; they barely take up any space! It may be time to spruce up your living space or office space with beautiful NYC succulents.
  1. Succulents Can Practically Live Anywhere – Circling back to the simple maintenance, succulents can live anywhere in your apartment as long as you do the simple feeding and watering. NYC succulents truly are a great option for adding greenery and visual interest to your home or office space.

The Scotts Flowers NYC Difference  

Our ability to provide outstanding service and high-quality flowers has made us a 5-star reviewed florist on both Yelp and Google. We guarantee you we work tirelessly to ensure all flower arrangements meet all of your expectations. So, what’s our secret?

  1. Quality – At Scotts, if it isn’t the highest quality flower or plant, it never makes it into our shop. Every flower we select is handpicked from our network of trusted vendors, and we work with both local and international suppliers to give you a wide selection of floral products for any occasion. We are working around the clock to ensure we choose only the highest quality goods for your special occasion. 
  1. Personalization – We understand that no situation or occasion is exactly the same, and we appreciate that. We use all feedback from our reviews a and product purchases to ensure we are constantly improving our goods and our customer’s experience.
  1. Competitive Pricing – Finally, our goal is to provide you the highest quality flowers at the best value possible. You never have to worry about overpaying, we pride ourselves in being a top reviewed florist and we didn’t get there by overcharging our valued customers.

When you are ready to bring NYC succulents into your home or office, Scotts Flowers is here to assist you every step of the way. Have questions? Contact us at (800) 726-8874 or click here to shop our NYC succulents!

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