Where to Turn for Luxury Flower Delivery in NYC

Where to Turn for Luxury Flower Delivery in NYC

As beautiful products of nature, flowers come in many different types, colors, shapes, and sizes. There are flowers for romance, sympathy, weddings, and social events. But what truly defines a luxury flower?

Luxury flowers are those that are skillfully designed in a bouquet, are of premium quality, and are stylish in appearance. You can only obtain luxury flowers from a luxury florist.

Scotts in NYC has been providing NYC luxury flower delivery for many years. With over 50 years of experience, we know what makes a flower truly luxurious. From picking the right flower for the occasion to matching vase and color options, Scotts is your number 1 resource for NYC flower delivery. 

I almost always get my wife flowers for our hotel room.  I have done this for long.  Scott's flowers in NYC handed over a stunning bouquet of flowers today. Wow!  I cannot prescribe enough. Thank you Scott's Flowers!

-Merrit V.

Understanding luxury flowers

Luxury flowers are defined not only by their species, but also by their presentation, quality, and style. A simple bouquet of red roses can be made luxurious by selecting the right type of vase, stem length, and quality of flowers.

Here are some of the most common flowers that are considered luxurious.

luxury roses nyc

  • Roses

Quality roses, regardless of color, are a luxurious selection. Red roses are the most common selection for romantic occasions. You can also use yellow roses to denote friendship and admiration, while white roses are perfect for demonstrating innocence and purity. Pink and orange roses denote passion and desire.

With these color choices, you need quality roses and expert floral arrangements to create a luxurious bouquet. Scott’s luxury flower delivery in NYC is your perfect choice for luxurious flowers. We ensure that each rose in your floral arrangement is of the highest quality, while preparing stylish and elegant bouquets for your event.

  • Lisianthus

Lisianthus are also considered luxurious flowers (especially when sourced from quality suppliers). Many species of lisianthus bloom only once a year. Therefore, they’re not easy to come across and they add to the exclusivity of luxurious flowers.

The purple tinges of lisianthus work well in bouquets that include roses, lilies, hydrangea, among other selections. At Scotts, our luxury flower delivery service will ensure that you receive a fresh supply of lisianthus on a regular basis. Whether once or twice a week, your home or office will always maintain the premium and stylish theme that’s radiated by luxury flowers.

  • Lilies

The innocent look of lilies makes them a highly sort after flower. In fact, species such as the lily of the valley are considered among the most magnificent and luxurious lilies in the world. Lilies create luxury flower arrangements because of how they bloom. Many species consist of long, impressive leaves that have rich purple, white, or yellow hues.

  • Orchids

Orchids are also popular luxury flowers. With many different species available, these flowers are used to spice up bouquets and to express different messages. Luxury orchids are those that are handpicked, bloom under constant-care, and express-stylish, elegant themes.

At Scotts, our luxury orchids are carefully chosen by experienced florists. Whether you’re looking for white and purple orchids or mini orchids, your luxury flowers will only come to life if skillful professionals select the highest quality orchids for your bouquets.

Why Scotts is your best choice for Luxury flowers

If you’re looking for luxury flower delivery in NYC, Scotts has you covered. Since 1947, we’ve been delivering quality high-end flowers to residents of NYC and beyond. We have the expertise and experience to understand what truly defines a luxury flower. But why choose Scotts as your luxury flower delivery service?

  1. Quality, handpicked flowers

At Scotts, we believe that luxury flowers speak for themselves. Premium quality is what truly defines a luxurious flower, and we ensure that each stem you use in your bouquet speaks to this level of quality. We maintain healthy relationships with vendors, allowing us to handpick each stem that we use in our floral arrangements.

  1. Artistic floral designs for many different occasions

Another defining element of luxury flowers lies in how they’re arranged. Skillful and artistic designs can turn a plain-looking bouquet of red roses into a stylish and exclusive gift for your loved one.

At Scotts, our experienced florists create artistic floral designs that stand out from other options in the market. When you subscribe for our luxury flower delivery service, you can be sure to receive a fresh supply of luxury flowers whenever the delivery date arrives (depending on your subscription option). Each new supply will also feature unique and elegant floral designs to uplift your partner/event.

  1. Attention to detail

Luxury flowers also stand out because of their attention to detail. Each flower choice in a luxury collection adds to a specific theme, color, and texture. Scotts Flowers in NYC creates each luxury arrangement by carefully selecting the flowers to be used, picking a matching vase, and deciding on quality designs that express your intended message.

Whether you need luxury flower delivery for your home or business, Scotts is where you should turn to. We carefully select each stem that is used in our floral arrangements, and our business is driven by quality and expertise. If you’re in need of quality-luxurious-flowers, contact Scotts at call (800) 726 – 8874 or click here to shop.

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