NYC Funeral Sprays and Floral Arrangements

NYC Funeral Sprays and Floral Arrangements

When a person loses their loved one, they typically undergo a whirlwind of emotions. Grief, sorrow, frustration, and nostalgia are just some of the feelings a person may experience when their loved one passes on. Flowers and floral arrangements are a big part of easing the tension and grief that surrounds funerals. For many years, flowers have been used to bring peace and show sympathy to the grieving family. Flowers can also be used to tell a story about the deceased while embracing their loving memories.

There are many different types of funeral flowers. From sprays to bouquets and stand-alone roses, each floral selection has high symbolic value during a funeral. If you’re looking for NYC sprays and floral arrangements, Scotts has you covered. Our experience allows us to convey many different sentiments through the language of flowers. Not only do we consider cultural differences, but we also stock fresh and quality flowers that portray peace, comfort, and most importantly, love.

You may prefer NYC funeral sprays with bold, romantic expressions of love, or you may wish to express your comfort to a grieving family by using a soft palette of mixed white flowers. Regardless of your intended message, Scotts will work with you to select the right flowers for your funeral occasion.

How To Select The Right NYC Funeral Sprays

When it comes to selecting flowers for a funeral, you have a lot to consider. There are flowers to be placed atop the casket, in the bereaved family’s home, at the gravesite itself, and those to be worn as boutonnieres. Even experienced professionals often take time to find the best fit for a particular person who passed away- as well as the preferences of family and friends.

There are several factors you should consider to help you select NYC funeral sprays that are fitting for the occasion.

1. Personalization is key

There are general funeral flowers that work for almost any sympathy occasion. For example, white lilies are symbolic of peace, while red roses demonstrate love and admiration for the deceased.

When selecting funeral sprays, consider a balance between tried and true flowers along with other selections that have more of a personal touch. For example, you may consider including sunflowers for someone who had an uplifting personality, or daffodils for a pure, innocent person.

2. Consider your relationship with the deceased and their family 

Funeral sprays are always personal selections that are based on your relationship with the deceased. If you’re part of the bereaved family, you will most likely play a bigger role in selecting the types, colors, and designs of flowers to be used in your NYC funeral sprays. If you’re a friend or colleague of the deceased, you will most likely send a floral arrangement in a vase, basket or bouquet.

For family members selecting a casket spray or standing sprays, consider the color and type of flowers to be used. White is often a good option for a peaceful and comforting spray. Red is another good option, as it’s bolder and it communicates a strong feeling of love.

As a close family member, you may also consider a mix of roses, mums, orchids, and lilacs for a more complete spray that expresses the deceased’s overall personality.

3. Cultural preferences

Culture also plays an important role when selecting funeral sprays. There are many cultural differences when it comes to color, flower selection, and style. Therefore, attention to detail must be considered. A particular family may prefer the innocence and purity of white lilies, while others may prefer the character and moral integrity of gladioli.

It all depends on who the deceased person is and your relationship with their family. If the person was a religious figure, the grace, love, and purity of tulips would be a good option. If mourning a close loved one, an all red bouquet can be a fitting choice for your NYC funeral sprays.

The Best Flowers to Use for Funerals

Whether you’re looking for funeral sprays, floral bouquets in a basket, or even standalone flowers to show sympathy during a funeral, selecting the right type of flower is essential. Each funeral is sensitive and unique, and the last thing you would want is to send the wrong message to a grieving family.

Here are some of the best flowers you can use for a funeral.  

1. Lilies

Lilies are one of the best funeral flowers. They are the ultimate symbol of peace, purity, and innocence. Because each lily blooms in a unique way, these flowers work well in funeral sprays of many different designs. They create a feeling of peace and ease the tension associated with a funeral proceeding. White and pink are good color options to consider.

2. Roses

The best emotions you can offer to a grieving family are love and respect. Red roses boldly symbolize these emotions, whether presented in a stand-alone bouquet or as individual flowers. In fact, you can use red roses as part of your NYC funeral sprays or as sole flower stems arranged neatly around the tombstone. 

Expressing love and admiration for the deceased and their family will give them strength during this difficult time. 

3. Carnations 

Carnations are the unsung heroes of funerals. They’re commonly used to represent purity and innocence, and they come in both white and pink variations. Carnations are soft, yet bright and colorful options. Even better is that they blend well with lilies, roses, and orchids to create unique sprays for the funeral. 

4. Orchids

Delicate, exotic, and colorful, orchids can be used to express the personality of a deceased person. They’re also uplifting and can ease the grief and tension that a family may be experiencing. Use orchids to express sympathy and to show your support to the bereaved family.

Our Funeral Floral Arrangements 

At Scotts, we have both sprays and floral arrangements that you can use for an upcoming funeral proceeding. We also have sympathy floral arrangements you can use to give your loved one a truly honorable send-off. For example, our Garden of Peace is an uplifting arrangement that contains white roses, lilacs, tulips, and orchids.

Our Tiffany arrangement is another option to consider if you wish to represent the deceased’s personality. Featuring pink roses, hydrangeas, lavender, and lisianthus, you can honor what was special about the deceased as you give them their final send off. Also, check out our Park Avenue and Peace Lilly arrangements for your funeral.

Why Scotts is Your Ultimate Companion for NYC Funeral Sprays

For NYC funeral sprays and floral arrangements, you can’t go wrong by choosing Scotts. Why? Because for over 50 years, we’ve been walking together with New Yorkers as they celebrate love, weddings, corporate events, and funerals.

Therefore, you can trust us to prepare funeral sprays that represent everything your loved one stood for when they were still alive. We also pay attention to detail and consider any specific requests that you may have. We offer respect and kindness to all our customers requesting to send flowers to a funeral service or to someone's home for this special occasion. You can see some of our sympathy collection here.

Need funeral assistance? Contact us today and we will help you with all your needs during this tough time.

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