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Express Your Condolences With New York Sympathy Flowers

Learn how to send the perfect New York sympathy flowers to your loved ones

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It can be extremely difficult for an individual to cope with the loss of a loved one, but for New York residents, sympathy flowers can send a subtle yet impactful message. If you or someone you know has lost a loved one; you might be aware that there are many different ways to cope with the death of someone close.

When Words Aren’t Enough Beautiful Funeral Flower Arrangements in NYC Can Help

While there is certainly nothing wrong with calling or texting your family/friends to make sure that they are holding up well during their time of loss, sending sympathy flowers can encapsulate the right message when words simply can’t. It can be a heartfelt gesture to let people know that you are thinking of them, without being too intrusive or invasive into such delicate time in their lives.

Sympathy flowers new york


Our sympathy flowers for New York customers are often white (as most are), since the color is most associated with purity, peace, and love. However, at Scott’s Flowers, we offer an incredible selection of flowers of all colors and types, perfect for those who might understand the preferences or taste of the deceased. You also might want to choose specific colors based on your relationship to the person you are sending the flowers to, as well.

For example:

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  • Pink/White Roses: ideal for the passing of your friend’s spouse or loved one to convey both the love they shared and your condolences in one gesture. 
  • Lilies: You might also want to consider lilies for the occasion, since they are often associated with death and offer a refreshing, soft appeal.
  • Basket of fruits/edible arrangement: If the deceased or the person you’re sending your arrangement to is fond of certain foods, we also offer some basket choices 

It should also be noted that there is a certain amount of etiquette necessary when it comes to sympathy flowers. For example, you should be aware that wreaths should be present at the funeral ceremony, while sending a potted plant might be the way to go if you are planning to send sympathy flowers to a home. Similarly, only cut flowers can be placed on a grave during a burial.


Reliable Funeral Flower Delivery in NYC

At Scotts Flowers, we offer dependable delivery for all our funeral arrangements. We added new bouquets designed by professional florists, including Bleeding Heart, Classic Sympathy Vase, Rose Hedge, and more.

For those who might have been caught up with personal and professional obligations, can still send out condolences as soon as possible. With fast, reliable delivery for funeral flowers in Manhattan and the rest of the city, you can express your deepest condolences with the most incredible flowers available. Check out our selection today.

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