The Top Flowers and Floral Designs for Weddings in NYC

The Top Flowers and Floral Designs for Weddings in NYC

Weddings provide a lifetime of memories, and all the little details need to be perfect. On your special day, flowers for weddings will contribute to the overall theme and energy of your event.

Each stem, bloom, and floral arrangement you use on your wedding day will express the elegance and grace of this special occasion. Therefore, from the flowers used for the bridal party to the arrangements to be placed on each table, you need quality-and-engaging flowers for weddings to truly breathe life into your big day.

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Luckily, Scotts Flowers NYC is on your side. As an experienced florist serving NYC weddings for many years, Scotts is committed to making your memories as beautiful as the love you’re celebrating. Don’t take our word for it; here are some comments from our beloved customers.

The flowers for our daughter's wedding were beauteous than we could imagine. The flowers were amazingly-beautiful, romantic-and-even rustic. Words cannot express the gratitude we have to the amazing, professional, and talented staff that goes above and beyond.

Thank you,

-Margi Duva

Our Wedding floral designs

Flowers for weddings encompass many different aspects. From the roses that are used on the bridal-bouquet to the ones that line the aisles of your wedding, you need unique floral designs that are perfect for multiple areas. Therefore, only a qualified and experienced florist is capable of meeting your diverse needs on your special day.

Scotts offers several wedding floral designs and packages that suit a wide range of interests. Whether you’re looking for a minimalistic floral pattern or a more vibrant display of blooms, Scotts has you covered. The following are some of the wedding floral designs we offer.

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  • Flowers for the wedding party

As the wedding party walks into the venue in style, they need to be accompanied by elegant-and-attractive flowers for weddings. Each bouquet that the bridesmaids carry should radiate the theme and elegance of your wedding. In addition, the groomsmen also need boutonnieres that match the beauty and appearance of your overall wedding venue.

With such flowers, attention to detail is necessary. Each stem that is picked needs to be of the right color, shape, and size to achieve your intended theme. That is why Scotts in NYC takes flowers for the wedding party very seriously. We work closely with you to select the right floral arrangements for your special day.

  • Flowers for the actual ceremony

From the altar to the chairs and aisles, you need a combination of roses, lilies, daisies, and other wedding flowers that truly represent your special day. Selecting flowers for the wedding venue often appears much simpler than it actually is. Not only do you need to pick the right types of flowers and colors, you also need to place each floral arrangement in just the right spot throughout the venue.

At Scotts, we liven up your wedding venue using more than just traditional white roses. Our floral arrangements also include pink roses, red lilies, yellow daisies, and many other types of flowers.

  • Reception flowers

If your wedding ceremony is the cake, your reception is the icing on the cake. During the reception is where everyone gets to let loose and party in celebration of your marriage. Therefore, the flowers you use in the wedding reception can either make or break the overall celebration. To create the perfect atmosphere of romance, joy, and inspiration, you need unique floral arrangements that extend from each guest table to the venue décor.

Scotts Flowers in NYC will help you select each stem that will be used at the reception. We create vibrant floral bouquets for your centerpieces, as well as elegant arrangements for the wedding cake table, gift table, and photo booth.

Why Choose Scotts?

At Scotts, our wedding flowers are truly one of a kind. With expert florists and over 50 years of experience, we know how to make your wedding day truly special. And because we source each stem from our trusted suppliers, we guarantee the quality of our floral arrangements.

Our flowers for weddings are the perfect solution for the actual wedding ceremony, reception, and bridal party. Get started by calling us today at (800) 726 – 8874 or click here to shop.

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