Houseplants to Spruce your NYC Apartment!

As the winter drags on here in New York City, we begin to count down the days until summer. Fortunately  you can add a sense of warmth and beauty to your indoors right now by adding some tasteful house plants to your apartment or office. NASA research has actually proved that plants in the home and office clear pollutants. The same plants that cleaned the air in the space station also can be used in your apartment. They purify the air of paint fumes, tobacco smoke, detergents, inks, adhesives, gasoline fumes and so much more. Plants of course, absorb carbon dioxide and release to us life-giving oxygen. Here are 3 plants we highly recommend here at Scott's Flowers!

1. The Peace Lilly is one of the easiest and most popular house plants in Manhattan and throughout the United States! Since this plant thrives in low light areas, it can be placed almost anywhere. This is a New York City favorite because of this plant's strength and persistence and highly recommended by Scott's Flowers NYC if you're looking for a low maintenance plant! View our selection of Peace Lilly's here.

2. Money Trees are easy to take care of and popular in NYC because of the name, as well as the beauty and perseverance of this plant! Even if your plant drops its leaves, do not give up on it! Proper care of a money tree can result in a healthy plant for many years! View our selection of Money Trees here.

3. Bonsai plants are meant primarily to be aesthetically pleasing - and that they are! Symbolizing goodness, beauty and truth, these plants enjoy to dry out between waterings, but be careful to never allow an extended period of dryness! This plant will do well in low or high humidity environments which make it popular for all types of scenarios in Manhattan.
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