Going Green for Spring

Going Green for Spring

This time of year, people start to get the itch to get outside, to let their eyes soak up some new colors, sunshine and much-needed fresh air.

So, it's the perfect time to introduce you to the future of flowers:


Along with Pantone's declaration of the 2017 Color of the Year, we are completely on-board with GREENERY! It's both the color of the year and a piece of the heart of every florist and botanist around. Greenery is the stuff of life-- it is life. And it's influencing some fun new floral trends.

Check out Pinterest's all-foliage wedding inspiration here.

It's ironic that the biggest movement in flowers is NOT using them, but right now, the eye is definitely focused on foliage.

After centuries of playing second fiddle to floral blooms, people everywhere are beginning to see the rich value and unique flair greens bring to a floral design. Once you start looking, you realize how many fantastic leaves, vines, ground covers, bushes & branches there really are-- there are thousands! They add a greater level of depth and dimension to a design that flowers alone simply cannot achieve. The varying shades of green, the texture and fragrance of the leaves, the way a branch moves in the wind... these are all things we love about greenery.

So, this season, expect to see a lot more foliage in the mix. We, at Scotts, are even considering creating an all-foliage design... What are your thoughts? Would you be down for that?

Fun facts about the color GREEN...

#1 Did you know... 

GREEN is the easiest color for your eyes to absorb? It is the only color your eye does not have to adjust at all. That's why it's so restful and relaxing to look at it-- it's less work than other colors. Your eyes are literally happy!

#2 Did you know...

GREEN sits right in the middle of the visible light spectrum and therefore promotes a sense of balance & harmony. This means that, as a general rule, green is a mood-refreshing color that can help alleviate depression, nervousness & anxiety. Winning!

#3 Did you know...

GREEN in nature represents the presence the water, which means there's little danger of famine. So on a very primitive level, the human mind feels reassured by the presence of the color green.

Are you convinced yet?

What do you think about this new appreciation for greenery? We'd love to hear from you!

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