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03-12-2009 From Our Indoor Garden To Yours...

We wanted to share with you that this year our staff is in a Garden mood and would like to pass this inspiration to you.
In this photo shoot we have created an indoor greenhouse
were we are featuring items we currently sell in our boutique - from assorted styles of basic terra cotta pots to the unique Italian imported collection of Campo de Fiori pots with copper hand made saucers and a vast selection of different shaped glazed ceramics.
All available at our midtown location.
Spring has sprung so why not get beautiful hydrangea and azalea blooming plants accented with myrtle and scented rosemary topiaries for your home.
In house we also carry gorgeous specimen orchid plants in an array of colors and varieties from the classic Moth better known as the Phalaneopsis to the Red Oncidium to a Miltonia to the exotic Lady Slipper
So now get started and bring a little Garden Spring to your life and the life of others.

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