3 Reasons to Consider a Flower Subscription Plan in NYC

3 Reasons to Consider a Flower Subscription Plan in NYC

Flowers are important components of daily life. Not only do they beautify your space and uplift your mood, but they also reduce stress levels and purify the surrounding air. And while proper care can help keep your flowers fresh for longer, you may eventually need to replace flowers that are past their due date.

To maintain a constant supply of fresh flowers in your NYC premises, consider a flower subscription plan. Such a plan involves weekly or monthly deliveries of fresh flowers to your home or office.

At Scotts Flowers in NYC, we offer both weekly and monthly flower subscription services. We work with businesses and individuals to design a custom plan that will add beauty to the space while boosting productivity. Imagine having fresh, beautiful blooms brightening your premises every week/month? That’s what you can expect with Scotts flower subscription plan in NYC.

If you’re still on the fence regarding this unique and beneficial service, consider these 3 reasons why you should sign up.

  1. Uplift the mood in your home

Our flower subscription service is an excellent option for individuals. We know how cumbersome it can be to frequently purchase new flowers and arrange them in your home. In addition to selecting flowers that work for you (which can be overwhelming), you also need to care for each bouquet and make constant trips to the store to keep your flowers fresh.

Scotts in NYC can help ease the burden of keeping a fresh supply of flowers in your home. We start off by examining your space and working with you to select flowers that complement your environment. Whether you prefer a fresh supply of red roses to your bedroom every week, or fresh lilies to your living room once a month, Scotts will make it much easier to replace and maintain your flowers.

With a constant supply of fresh flowers, you will enjoy many different benefits. Most importantly, flowers uplift your mood and help make you happier. For example, placing flowers in your bedroom can help you deal with the morning blues. Flowers also ease tension and help make your home even more welcoming.

Our florists can work with you to position flowers near natural light, along hallways, and in the living room. This placement gives you a boost of positive energy whenever you wake up in the morning or walk back into your home.

  1. Make the workplace more productive

Are you struggling to keep your employees focused on their tasks? Is your business struggling to meet established goals and objectives? Flowers may be the answer to your problems. Sometimes, out of the box solutions are what’s missing from your company (and these solutions can work wonders).

For many years, flowers have been used to stimulate the mind and encourage people to focus on tasks. But how is this possible? Different types of flowers can evoke different emotions and brain activity. In addition, colors play a role in uplifting your mood and making you feel energized.

Our Scotts flower subscription plan has been used by many businesses to make the workplace more productive. Fresh blooms delivered weekly or monthly help workers ease stress, concentrate on tasks better, and even retain information more effectively. A constant supply of fresh flowers can be placed in many different areas of your business. We can work with you to place them in each employee cubicle, along hallways, or even in the lobby area.

Furthermore, there are many different flowers that can be used to make the workplace more productive. Red azaleas encourage workers to focus on tasks and to think more creatively. Orchids relieve stress, ease tension, and make the space more inviting for both employees and guests. Our expert florists will work with you to examine the space and deliver floral products that fit with your company vision.

  1. Beautify your commercial space

If you’re operating a restaurant, hotel, retail store, or other similar premises, obtaining fresh flowers should be a top priority. Flowers help beautify the space and attract customers to your premises. You’d be surprised how effective a simple bouquet of flowers can be in pulling guests to your business and encouraging them to come back more often.

Flowers also create a welcoming and hospitable mood to all customers. In a restaurant, you can strategically use fresh flowers as centerpieces on guest tables. You can also vary the color, type, and arrangement of flowers to create a theme you desire during any given event.

Our flower subscription service makes it easier for you to beautify a commercial space. For example, restaurants and hotels can benefit from our weekly or monthly delivery service. We supply fresh floral arrangements to such premises so as to maintain fresh blooms on guest tables or guest bedrooms. We can also keep your lobby/reception area welcoming by supplying fresh bouquets neatly arranged in vases. In this way, you don’t have to constantly rush around buying new flowers and arranging them yourself.

And for retail stores, our flower subscription plan contributes to the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of your space. When shoppers are more comfortable, they’ll spend more time shopping and elevating your brand.

Why Choose Scotts for your flower subscription plan?

While there are many flower subscription services in the NYC area, few have the benefits that Scotts provides. Unfortunately, many florists out there don’t fully understand what a flower subscription service truly is. Most companies simply arrange generic flowers in a basket or vase and deliver them to your premises every week/month.

At Scotts, we do much more. Even before we pick a single stem, we begin by meeting with you and understanding what your needs are. Flower services for a high-end restaurant will be much different from those for an insurance company. We also assign you with a dedicated account manager who will always be available to address your concerns.

After we examine your premises and what you’re looking to achieve, we will then work with you to select floral arrangements that complement your environment and reflect your brand. Yellow and pink roses may work well for fun and casual companies, while gladioli and hydrangeas can be used to demonstrate the character and deep values of your organization. Our florists also pay attention to detail as they deliver fresh bouquets that will uplift the mood and productivity levels in your home, office, or other business.

Simply put, our flower subscription service in NYC is second to none. Want to try it out for yourself? Call us at (800) 726-8874 or click here to shop our flowers.

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