Flower Ideas for Your Next NYC Private Event

Flowers are the unsung heroes that can spice up any private event. From a fancy private dinner to a charity fundraiser, private event flowers add aesthetic appeal, improve air quality, and contribute to the overall theme of your event.

Each private event is as unique as the people planning it (and the guests that will be in attendance). Therefore, you need floral arrangements that match the specific theme of your event. After taking time to select the perfect date, location, and program for your gathering, flowers provide the finishing touch that brings your event to life.

To get quality private event flowers in NYC, you need a quality florist by your side. Scotts Flowers has been supplying New Yorkers with premium floral products for close to 50 years. Our unique arrangements have been used to spice up weddings, dinners, office parties, and event events for two.

How flowers can spice up your next private event

As you plan for an upcoming private event, don’t think twice about obtaining flowers. Private event flowers can spice up your next gathering in many different ways.

  • Adding aesthetic appeal

If you could name one thing that flowers are best known for, it’s adding beauty and style to any given space. Unique and attractive floral arrangements add aesthetic appeal to even a dull-looking room. For example, when planning for an evening office dinner, adding floral arrangements to each centerpiece on guest tables can breathe life into your space.

You can also vary the type and color of private event flowers to add beauty to your next event. Orange roses, pink lilies, and purple orchids are all flowers that are pleasing to the eye. They add beauty to any event location and they can be used to compliment your furniture covers, wall hangings, and other decorative elements.

  • Contributing to the overall theme of the event

If you’re looking to create a specific theme for your upcoming event, few items get the job done better than flowers. Private event flowers work together with table furnishings, wall-colors, and floor plans to help you achieve the theme you’re looking for.

Flowers can also be used to create a certain type of energy in the room. For example, bold colored flowers (such as red, purple, and yellow) express personality and radiate energy throughout the room. They come in handy for generating excitement during events where people may not know each other.

  • Cleaning the air

When planning a private event, it’s the little things that matter. Your guests will pay attention to how comfortable and inviting the room is, as well as how beautiful your arrangement looks.

Private event flowers contribute to a welcoming environment by cleaning the surrounding air. Because flowers are organic products, they cleanse the air from potentially harmful toxins and allergens. As a result, your guests will tend to cough less and experience fewer allergic reactions.

Why Choose Scotts?

To get the best private event flowers in NYC, look no further than Scotts. At Scotts Flowers, we care about your upcoming event and we’re committed to making it a success. From designing unique floral arrangements to delivering a fresh supply every week, we make your private event both beautiful-and-memorable.

But why choose Scotts for your next private event flowers?

  • Quality and Attention to detail

At Scotts, we handpick every flower stem by stem. Because we don’t use contractors to procure our floral products, we have more control over the purchasing process and we can ensure the quality of each stem we use in our floral arrangements.

  • Customized floral arrangements

At Scotts, our professional florists can design highly customized arrangements for any private event you’re planning. From a classy red-carpet office party to a friendly charitable event, you can be sure that Scotts will prepare a floral-arrangement that suits your needs.

  • Expertise and experience

When dealing with flowers, experience matters. Scotts in NYC is a floral company with over 50 years of experience. We know the private event flowers that work, how to identify quality, and how to breathe life into your next event.

To contact Scotts, please call (800) 726 – 8874 or click here to speak with a private events specialist.
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