Flower Fact Friday

Flower Fact Friday

Today's Flower Fact Friday belongs to the elegant calla lily.  Did you know that calla lilies are not actually lilies?  Named after the Greek word for "beauty", calla lilies originate from Africa and have been a staple in floral design for centuries.  In modern times, calla lilies are still prized for their beauty as well as their symbolism.  In the language of flowers, calla lilies convey magnificent beauty and utmost respect.   White calla lilies are classic wedding flowers symbolizing purity and heavenly bliss.  They’re also a meaningful sympathy flower, symbolizing faith and resurrection.  They're also featured prominently in popular culture as well.  Georgia O’Keeffe redefined calla lilies with her series of close-up paintings.  Her artistic vision to depict their true form with no preconceived notions redefined calla lilies from Freud’s sensual interpretation to one of pure beauty. Stop by or call us to order these gorgeous flowers today!


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