Flower Experts Talk Personality

Flower Experts Talk Personality

Ever wonder what your favorite flower says about you? You've come to the right place; we are your flower experts!

This month, Reader's Digest author Aubrey Almanza published a fun article titled,What Your Favorite Flower Says About Your Personality, and I am pleased to tell you that she requested Scotts Flowers NYC to contribute as THE flower expert.

Almanza supplied us with a list of specific flowers (orchids, tulips, etc.) and asked that we share our knowledge of those blooms, elaborating on the juiciest details unique to each. We had a blast with this! And as a bonus just for you, we are sharing our original uncut descriptions that contain extra details not included in Reader’s Digest.

So whaddaya say, we share some of our original notes with you?

After all, you’re as special as a rose yourself-- or are you a gardenia?? Let’s find out!

The Romantic Rose


A rose is the quintessential classy bloom. She's sophisticated, timeless and romantic. The rose is also a very strong self-defender as she shields herself with guard petals and prickly thorns, but it’s all to protect her sweet and delicate heart. So handle this flower with the utmost respect and care, and she will begin to reveal the many layers of her true beauty. It takes patience to appreciate the full beauty of the rose, but she is worth the wait.

The Exotic Orchid

Mention exotic beauty, and most florists would agree that the orchid remains supreme. The orchid is exquisite, delicate and unique-- a true one of kind beauty not to be forgotten. This beauty often comes with a price, as she can be quite temperamental. Conditions must be just right for her to bloom. If one element is off in her environment, she may refuse to cooperate and withhold her full beauty from view. But if you care enough to learn what she likes and what she needs, and you have the patience to wait during her slow schedule, prepare to be amazed. When she's happy, she will blossom like no other!

The Optimistic Tulip


What a graceful and uplifting flower she is! The refreshingly simple tulip can bloom on the coldest of days and also the sunniest. She happily goes with the flow. With great positivity, she quite literally follows the sunshine. And guess what? Even if you cut her, she will keep growing tall-- you can't keep a tulip down!

The Grand Gardeniagardenias

The gardenia bloom might have the most memorably sweet fragrance of all flowers. She is often associated with the light and love of a higher power, but she can make you feel like a devil if you touch her--she bruises easily! You're wise to appreciate her beauty from a distance. A gardenia requires extreme care and respect. Many people will avoid her altogether as she's difficult to please. You may love her or hate her, but you definitely won't be able to ignore her.

The Confident Calla Lilycalla-lilies-flowers

The calla lily is a wonderful marriage of flexible strength and modern elegance. Most people appreciate her tough exterior and iconic figure, but she remains soft at heart. She is most at home in a clean, minimalist environment where people understand that less is more. The calla lily is a no-fuss flower that will remain strong and sassy without much assistance. She is confident in her own plan but shows great flexibility when necessary. While the calla lily is one of the most flexible blooms, she doesn’t like immediate changes, so give her time to come around. She will!

To see more flower personalities, stay tuned to our Facebook page & definitely check out the official Reader's Digest article on rd.com

But before you go, tell me… what’s YOUR favorite flower?

Until next time, keep blooming!

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