The Emotional Impact Of Flowers In Hotel Lobbies

The Emotional Impact Of Flowers In Hotel Lobbies

It’s hard to overstate the enjoyment and appeal of fresh flowers — as an overall atmosphere booster and as a personal mood lifter. For hotels that are looking for an extra touch to convey luxury accommodations, fresh blooms are the perfect choice. Lovely and fragrant, flowers heighten ambiance, communicate lavishness and work perfectly in any refined setting.

Why should hotels add flowers to their lobbies? What are the benefits of displaying them where guests notice?

Here’s a look at the welcoming, emotional impact of flowers in hotels:

  1. Flowers set your hotel apart. Aromatic, stunning and sophisticated, fresh flowers are a powerful way to demonstrate that a hotel cares about the details. Keep them in your lobby, and you show guests that you take pride in your facilities.
  2. Flowers indicate that guests are in good hands. The logic is simple: If this hotel cares enough to bring in fresh flowers, it’s probably going to do everything it can to give its guests a good stay.
  3. Flowers lift people’s spirits. There’s a reason people send flowers for holidays, condolences or special events. Flowers aren’t just beautiful; they’re shown to improve people’s moods, thanks to their color and fragrance. Long beloved in community areas such as foyers, dining room tables and wedding aisles, flowers contribute to a brighter, more attractive space that people will likely enjoy and appreciate.
  4. Flowers catch people’s attention. Gorgeous flower arrangements are meant to be noticed — photographed on smartphones and talked about among guests in the lobby or patrons waiting at the hotel concierge desk. Adding a wow factor to your hotel lobby is one more benefit from fresh flowers.
  5. Flowers amplify ambiance. Whether your hotel has an island atmosphere or an urban elegance, the flowers you display in the lobby can match. Used in combination with other ambiance-creating elements, flowers can reinforce the messaging you’re trying to communicate.

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