Corporate Floral Arrangements and Why Your Business Needs Them

Corporate Floral Arrangements and Why Your Business Needs Them

Why Corporate Floral Arrangements?

Are you planning for an upcoming conference, tradeshow, or marketing event in NYC? Are you looking for ways of making your office more productive? You may be rushing around in search of elements that best express your brand and your overall message. While signage, furniture, and decorations are important for any corporate event, nothing gets the job done better than flowers. Indeed, corporate floral arrangements in NYC are a must-have for your office or for an upcoming event.

Flowers can be used to bring your brand to life, enhance the atmosphere of an event, and make your guests relaxed and comfortable. Using the right corporate flowers can truly make a difference by radiating your brand to your target audience.

If you’re looking for corporate floral arrangements for your office or for an upcoming event, Scotts in NYC has you covered. We take our flowers seriously, and it shows in the quality of our products. All floral arrangements we supply are handpicked, designed for quality, and delivered with professionalism.

We let our customers on Yelp speak for themselves:

Scotts Flowers offer unique flower arrangements, excellent product quality, outstanding and reliable service. Special Thank You goes to the attentive staff who does all the magic and help their customers to create unforgettable moments in their lives.

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How Floral Arrangements Can Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

You may be wondering why you need flowers for corporate events. Flowers provide more than just a touch of class and elegance. They bring about a professional and comfortable feel to the room where your event will be held.

With quality corporate flowers, you can turn a dull room into a vibrant space. Here is the real effect of having quality flowers at your next corporate event.

  1. Enhancing your brand

Quality flowers are the key to uplifting your brand at a corporate event. How is this possible? With corporate flowers that are properly arranged, all your guests will become immersed in the experience as soon as they walk in. For example, flowers at a trade show booth can make your station stand out from the competition. Flowers blend perfectly with many different objects, making it easy for you to enhance your brand. Place some floral arrangements near your furniture, on guest tables at a luncheon, or next to your business signage. Guests won’t help but notice the blend of colors, elegance and style that is associated with your event.  For your brand to truly stand out via the use of flowers, make sure you work with a quality flower delivery service. Scotts in NYC has the experience and expertise to deliver fresh floral arrangements for a wide variety of events. Our professional florists can arrange and deliver special eye-catching products that will accentuate your brand and make the event truly worthwhile.





  1. Improving the atmosphere of your event

Let’s face it; corporate events can sometimes get dull. Your guests may not immediately feel comfortable, and you may be rushing around trying to get everything done in a short amount of time. By using corporate flowers, you can actually make the atmosphere of your event more welcoming, relaxed, and stylish. Indeed, flowers for corporate events can be used as centerpieces, along walls and corridors, and in the reception area of your event. As soon as your guests walk in, they will feel relaxed and at peace due to the elegance of your corporate floral arrangements.

To improve the atmosphere of your event, it’s the little things that matter. You may not have time to repaint all the walls or rearrange all the furniture, but you can certainly use the right combination of flowers to make your guests feel at home. Thanks to the color psychology of flowers, you can mix and match different styles to make your guests stay longer at a fundraiser or to spend more time at your booth during a tradeshow.

  1. Adding style and elegance

Flowers are the ultimate statement of style and elegance. If you’re planning a fancy luncheon, banquet, or awards ceremony in NYC, corporate floral arrangements are a must-have. Each flower you place in your venue contributes to the overall elegance of the event. The colors, sizes, vases, and species of flowers all play a role in the success of your event.

If you’re looking to make an upcoming occasion truly memorable, pay attention to the flowers you select for the room. An eye-catching centerpiece surrounded with flowers will always draw the attention of your guests. In addition, flowers that are strategically placed near the stage, a podium for speeches, or adjacent to windows can also contribute to the style and elegance of your event.

Scotts in NYC can focus on these important details necessary to bring your event to life.

flowers for corporate parties

  1. Cleaning the air

The quality of air in your event location will determine the comfort of your guests. Stuffy air can turn away guests and make them leave earlier than they should. With corporate floral arrangements, you can kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you add to the elegance and style of the room, you will also purify the surrounding air in the process.

As organic products, flowers remove carbon dioxide, toxins, and allergens from the surrounding air. Strategically place flowers for corporate events around your venue so as to reduce the likelihood of coughs, headaches, and allergic reactions.

  1. Reducing stress and anxiety

Corporate flowers are more than just decorations. With a regular supply of fresh flowers, you can reduce stress levels in both your guests and employees. Multiple studies show that flowers can reduce stress levels by up to 37%.

At Scotts, we know how stressful planning for a corporate event can be. You may have limited timelines, a large guest list, and pressure to deliver a quality event for those attending. With our corporate flowers, you can enjoy peace of mind any time you enter the room.

Experiment with bright and bold colors to liven up your next banquet, while creams and whites can be perfect for relaxing dinners and award ceremonies.

Flowers for the office

Our corporate floral arrangements are not just designed for events. They can also liven up your office and boost productivity in the workplace. Don’t take our word for it; research shows that office flowers increase workplace productivity by as much as 15%.

To keep your office in NYC elegant, stylish, and welcoming, we can deliver fresh flowers to your doorstep on a regular basis. Use them in the lobby, on employee workstations, or in guest rooms to turn a dull office into a hub of productivity. Our office flowers are also handpicked for quality and customized to meet your specific needs. If you’re wondering why your office is not achieving its intended results, perhaps it’s time to think outside the box. Add a regular supply of flowers to your office location to start seeing meaningful results.

Types of Corporate Events We Service

At Scotts Flowers NYC, we know a lot about flowers. We also know a lot about corporate events and what businesses need to make them a success. That is why our corporate floral arrangements are customized for many different types of occasions, from conferences to holiday parties.

Not all corporate events are the same. Some are designed to be fun and high energy, while others are meant to be calm, relaxed, and formal. Regardless of the type of event, we can deliver corporate flowers that meet your needs. Our floral arrangements in NYC can suit the following events.

  • Conferences

Conferences are important events where your team gets to attain personal and professional development. However, a conference can easily get too rigid and formal for comfort. In addition to providing refreshments and frequent breaks, keep your guests comfortable by adding corporate floral arrangements.

Flowers at your conference will reduce anxiety, maintain an emotionally healthy environment, and even add a touch of class/style. If you’re wondering how you can begin adding flowers to your conference location, Scotts in NYC is ready to help. Our florists are experienced in spicing up conferences via the use of corporate flowers.

  • Banquets

Banquets are a time of fun and celebration. You may be celebrating the hard work your employees have carried out all year, or recognizing special guests for their philanthropic activities. Regardless of the reason, corporate floral arrangements are the key to livening up your banquet. With flowers of the right size, color, and quantity, you can uplift the mood of your guests and make the event truly memorable.

  • Tradeshow Booths

At a tradeshow, you’re probably looking for innovative ways to stand out. Most companies invest a lot of time and money to create large and flashy booths that will attract potential customers.

However, a simpler and subtler approach can also work wonders. With corporate flowers strategically placed in and around your trade booth, you will attract passers-by through the scent, appearance, and elegance of your flowers. It’s the little things that matter, and flowers are the secret ingredients you need to stand out at a trade show.

flowers for fundraisers

  • Fundraisers

It’s always a slippery slope to ask people for contributions. When planning for a fundraiser, the atmosphere of the event will determine how much money you actually raise. Indeed, by creating a welcoming, relaxed, and elegant environment, your guests may feel more generous towards your cause.

But how can you achieve this? Flowers are the answer. Corporate floral arrangements can loosen up your guests as well as their pockets. From the centerpieces on guest tables to floral decorations along various walls in the room, flowers can ease tension and help you achieve your desired goal for the event.

  • Marketing events

Nowadays, traditional marketing techniques need to be combined with a creative touch in order to truly be effective. If you’re planning for a marketing event in NYC, consider adding floral arrangements to your venue. Scotts is your trusted flower delivery service in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Nassau County. We know marketing events well, and we can help make yours a success.

If you’re displaying physical products for sale, strategically placing flowers near the product display can draw attention and increase your sales. Flowers work behind the scenes to attract your customers in a less direct manner. Rather than bombarding them with large pictures and text, attract your customers by using corporate flowers. Floral arrangements are calm, elegant, and stylistic ways of drawing attention to your intended targets during a marketing event.

Why Choose Scotts for your Corporate Flower Arrangements?

Not all corporate floral arrangements are the same. To ensure the success of your event, you need an experienced and professional flower delivery service that has your best interests at heart. Here’s why Scotts in NYC is the best florist for your office or corporate event.

  1. Premium Floral arrangements

When we say we deliver premium floral arrangements, it’s not simply about putting a bunch of flowers in a vase. At Scotts, we emphasize quality, class, and elegance. We handpick each of our flowers and ensure every floral arrangement is top of the class.

We’re confident in our ability to deliver premium corporate flowers because we source them ourselves. We don’t rely on contractors to obtain our flowers. Rather, we handpick each stem from both local and international suppliers. From the farm to your trade booth, we guarantee quality during every step of the way.

  1. Quality and professional staff

As a family business, we’ve been serving New Yorkers since 1947. We know the flower business inside out, and we can help make your corporate event a true success.

Our florists are professionals in creating eye-catching floral arrangements that fit the needs of your business. With customized designs, your guests will always feel welcome and comfortable as soon as they walk into your event location.

  1. Competitive pricing

At Scotts, we know how expensive maintaining an office or planning an event can be. Rather than draining your expense account, we provide quality floral products at a competitive cost. Value for money is at the heart of our mission in NYC. We believe that you get what you pay for, and we’re ready to offer the best.

Perhaps Steph D. puts it best on our Yelp Page:

Scott's Flowers was recommended by a hotel I had an event with. I was introduced to Brookelyn and I couldn't be happier working with her! I needed 5 table arrangements, 3 larger arrangements for a buffet and rented 4 plants. Brookelyn was detailed, followed up and made beautiful arrangements using the colors I needed and made them elegant and premium looking. I had an amazing experience with this florist and was truly thrilled with what we were given for the budget we had! 

For any event planner in New York, I highly recommend working with Brookelyn at Scotts flowers for what you need done. Your overall experience will be wonderful! Fast delivery and on time service!

Are you ready to boost the productivity of your office and the success of your event? Scott’s corporate floral arrangements are here to help. Call us at (800) 726-8874 or click here to shop.

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