The Best Weekly Flower Deliveries and Subscriptions in NYC

The Best Weekly Flower Deliveries and Subscriptions in NYC

Flowers are more than just beautiful products of nature. They’re also beneficial components of any home or office because they can uplift moods, boost productivity, and make people feel welcome in your premises. The sight and smell of high-quality flowers is the secret ingredient you need to boost energy and improve air quality. If you need a constant supply of fresh flowers in NYC, look no further than our weekly flower deliveries.

Indeed, Scotts Flowers NYC sources, handpicks, and designs high-quality flowers for both corporate and domestic locations. We know that for your premises to remain vibrant, productive and welcoming, you need a regular supply of fresh flowers. That’s why we developed weekly flower deliveries and subscriptions in NYC.

With this service, you can enjoy a constant supply of fresh, blossoming flowers that suit your specific needs. Don’t take our word for it, check out this Yelp Review by Billy O. in Manhattan.

All I can say is wow. These flowers are so beautiful. The young man who helped out was very helpful. You can’t go wrong with Scotts Flowers.

Who Can Benefit from Weekly Flower Deliveries?

Many people are surprised by how much of positive effect flowers can have on their property. It’s one thing to look at pictures of flowers, and it’s another experience to have fresh floral and botanical products delivered to your NYC premises every week.

weekly flower deliveries

Our service can uplift many different locations in NYC. If you spend time in any of the following premises, consider Scott’s weekly flower deliveries.

  1. Offices

Let’s face it; offices can get a little boring. You may spend a lot of time at work, and being in the same dull environment can result in lower energy levels and lost productivity. Many people wonder how they can make their workplace more productive and their space more inviting.While new furniture and modern building designs can help, nothing gets the job done better than weekly flower deliveries. Flowers in the workplace not only uplift your workers’ moods, they also help reduce work-related stress and can increase workplace productivity by 15%. And if you’re looking to attract new customers or to recruit top talent, flowers placed strategically in the workplace are the secret ingredients you need.

  1. Retail Stores

Whether selling clothing, household furniture, or even groceries, retailers always face the challenge of developing creative designs that will attract customers to their stores. Flowers are one of the most important design features you can add to your retail location. They provide a welcoming environment to your customers and encourage them to spend more time shopping. And with weekly flower deliveries to your brick and mortar store, you can ensure that the entire store will be uplifting, welcoming, and vibrant at all times.

What’s great about flowers is that they can be used to match your specific décor. You can experiment with multiple types, colors, and sizes to achieve a luxurious, sophisticated, or laidback look. And because Scotts floral subscription provides a fresh supply of flowers on a regular basis, you can easily maintain the luxurious feel of your store at all times. Your customers will certainly love your new-look.

  1. Homes

If you live in NYC (Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nassau County, and Manhattan), Scotts can deliver quality, handpicked flowers to your home on a weekly basis. Each banquet of flowers we design is made with exceptional care.

We can customize our flowers to match the theme and décor of your home. This way, you can uplift your mood, improve the quality of the air, and make the home more creative. Our flowers come in a combination of bright petals, large leaves, and multiple shape/size combinations to fit any home.

You can also strategically place your flowers in many different parts of your property. Have them near your windowpane to provide a relaxed and uplifting mood as soon as you wake up. Flowers in the kitchen also provide that boost of productivity you need to prepare a tasty meal. And if you have an office/study in your home, fresh flowers can make you more productive while you work.

This is what Alexandra from Manhattan had to say about our residential weekly flower deliveries.

These people are the best at what they do. They will work with you and go above and beyond to deliver something spectacular no matter your price range. I have sent flowers for many special occasions, and each arrangement is stunning and lasts. The quality of their work and the professionalism of the people taking orders over the phone is beyond.

  1. Hotels

Hotel lobbies and guest rooms in NYC can also benefit greatly from our weekly flower deliveries. From the moment your guests walk into the hotel lobby, the site and the scent of flowers will make them feel welcome.

hotel flowers

When you strategically place your fresh flowers around the hotel premises, your guests will recognize your attention to detail and immerse themselves in the overall guest experience. Our weekly flowers also ensure that all flowers in your guest rooms are bright, fresh, and fitting for the hotel décor. This is a great way of ensuring you obtain loyal, and repeat guests.

  1. Restaurants

If you wish to keep your restaurant guests relaxed and in a good mood, you can’t go wrong with fresh flowers. Indeed, flowers on guest tables (or as a centerpiece) can provide you with benefits you never thought were possible. Flowers do more than just make the restaurant more welcoming.

There’s a certain psychology to color that flowers offer. Selecting the right colors can increase the energy levels of your guests or keep them cool and calm. For example, bright and bold colors can be used on weekends to uplift the energy of your customers as they enjoy their meals. To create a more relaxed and calm setting (such as during weeknights), whites and creams are excellent choices.

Scotts weekly flower deliveries can help you keep up with the right flower choices. Because we deliver a fresh supply every week, you never have to worry about your restaurant becoming dull.  Our flower subscription service also comes in handy for any special occasions you may be planning. Need a fresh supply of red roses for a weekly date night? Scotts is right at your service.

  1. Buildings

Building owners invest a lot in their premises. Such structures need to have creative and attractive interior designs in order to attract tenants. An effective and convenient way of attracting more tenants is adding custom floral arrangements to the building.

Custom flowers delivered weekly to your premises can truly make a difference. You can strategically place banquets of flowers in reception areas while using botanical designs along windows and walls.

Some building owners shy away from flowers because they think it will be too time-consuming to maintain. However, with weekly flower deliveries from Scotts, you can enjoy regular maintenance options with each delivery we make. This means that your flowers will always remain vibrant and appealing to your tenants.

Why Weekly Flower Delivery is the Way to Go

Weekly floral subscriptions in NYC by Scotts provide many different benefits. How does our service work? When you sign up, we ensure that you have a fresh supply of flowers on your premises every week, thus spicing up the mood and appearance of your space. This service is a great deal with tangible benefits. Even if you can’t afford to have an interior designer rearrange your premises, Scotts weekly flower deliveries can breathe life into your home, office, or business.

weekly flower subscriptions

You may be wondering why you should consider our weekly NYC delivery service. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Premium floral products

With weekly deliveries, you will have only the freshest, most exquisite flowers on your premises at all times. You can be sure that our team will deliver a fresh batch of handpicked, locally sourced, or imported flowers with unique designs every 7 days. In this way, you can maintain the décor of your home or office and keep your guests comfortable.

As organic products, flowers blossom and brighten any premises you place them in. However, it’s not as simple as buying one banquet and placing it on your desk. It takes a combination of selecting the best floral and botanical products, arranging them well, and regularly maintaining them. That is why our weekly flower deliveries service is a great asset for obtaining premium botanical products.

  • Aesthetic appeal

For many years, flowers have been used to add beauty and style to homes and businesses. When you strategically place flowers around your home or office, you can make the space feel sophisticated and stylish. The secret is using the right color combinations as well as the highest quality flowers.

Use of the right colors can stimulate the senses of your guests and make them feel welcome on your property. How is this possible? The colors and scents of flowers are associated with certain brain activity. Flesh floral scents put people in a better mood and make them more productive. In addition, color choices can also influence creativity. You can make your premises more attractive by matching the right colors and scents.

Our weekly or monthly flower subscription gives you access to the freshest floral products in NYC. We also have years of experience in mixing and matching flowers of many different types. You can count on us to deliver products that will make your premises aesthetically appealing.

  • Clean air

As organic products, flowers absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Multiple research studies show that flowers clean the air of harmful pollutants. They eliminate toxins and allergens (such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde) that may cause coughing, headaches, and allergic reactions. With weekly flower deliveries from Scotts in NYC, you can enjoy cleaner and healthier air for your home or business.

  • Reducing stress levels

Feeling stressed or uneasy? Flowers can be the secret ingredient you need to relieve stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Offices in NYC can particularly benefit from our stress-relieving fresh flowers.

When you place bright colored and scented flowers around your office, you can reduce tension and anxiety levels by as much as 37%. If your staff is going through a particularly stressful period, a weekly supply of fresh flowers can work wonders. Scotts’ floral and botanical products not only reduce stress, they also reduce fatigue and make your home or office more productive.

Scotts Advantage

Not all weekly flower deliveries in NYC are the same. While many services are capable of delivering flowers to your premises on a weekly basis, Scotts sets itself apart from the competition.

Indeed, our service offers the Scotts Advantage. We do more than just deliver fresh and high-end quality flowers. We’ve been serving New Yorkers since 1947, and we’re proud of our ability to design custom floral arrangements with the utmost care. Stem by stem, we satisfy the specific needs of your premises with our attention to detail. Nick C. puts it perfectly on Yelp:

Overall Scotts Flowers is an amazing boutique. The flowers are luxurious, the service is impeccable, and the best part is: Scott's is family-owned which is something you rarely see in today's world. I would give them more stars if I could!

So why choose Scotts weekly delivery service?

  1. Competitive Pricing

Perhaps the most unique benefit that we provide is competitive pricing. Many people think that our prices are through the roof because we put an emphasis on high-end quality. However, we offer significant discounts on every price per stem.

Our products are generally more affordable than retail prices. What’s more? Our weekly flower subscription provides you with a fresh supply of handpicked and customized floral products.

  1. Premium Floral products

When you choose Scotts weekly flower deliveries, you can’t go wrong with quality. For over 50 years, we have only sourced our flowers from trusted vendors and growers. We handpick our products from both local and imported suppliers. This gives us control over our supply and the designs that we create.

When we say we can guarantee quality, it starts way before the flowers arrive at your doorstep. As full-time florists, we have optimized our operations to ensure every single stem is of premium quality.

What does this mean for you? You can trust Scotts in NYC to provide you with artistically crafted floral designs that will uplift your premises. Each customer we work with is different, and we take the time to arrange your flowers in a manner that best suits your needs.

  1. Vases on us!

When adding flowers to your premises, it’s the little things that matter. Colors, scents, and positioning are some of those. The vases used to hold your flowers are another important element. Bright and vibrant flowers can appear dull when placed in a low-quality vase.

To ensure that our flowers provide the best effect on your premises, we offer complimentary use of our premium vases. Our team delivers fresh flowers in new vases, and we can swap out the previous ones upon delivery. Giving you access to our premium containers at no added cost is one of the benefits our customers get via the Scotts Advantage. Proudly display these vases to your guests and make your home or business more stylish.

  1. No Contractual Commitments

At Scotts, we’re confident in the quality of our flowers. We don’t tie you up in lengthy contracts that make you feel restricted. We believe that you get what you pay for, and we offer the best. Therefore, you have the freedom to sign up and opt out of our weekly delivery service as you wish.

Many of our clients remain with us for a long time, as they’re satisfied by the quality of our service. We put care and add a custom touch into each stem that we deliver to your premises. And because we’re also quick to address any issues you may have, you’ll certainly find value in our weekly flower deliveries.

  1. Personal, professional service

As soon as you sign up for our delivery options, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated account manager. This service professional is a team member at Scotts and is dedicated to providing stellar customer service. We only hire the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic professionals to work with our team.

Risa O. has experienced how welcoming our professional service is.

Second time Scott's delivered amazing table centerpieces for a bar mitzvah for me. Premium, beautiful, tasteful arrangements-- high end, but reasonable price. Easy easy to work with. THANK YOU!!

Your account manager is always committed to ensuring your experience is top notch. Whether you’re subscribing for our weekly flower deliveries or ordering special flowers for an event, we guarantee the same level of professionalism. That’s the Scotts Advantage.

Flowers are the unsung heroes of any premises. They not only make your property beautiful and welcoming, they also boost productivity, uplift moods, and purify the air. Weekly flower deliveries in NYC are an excellent way for you to reap the true benefits of fresh flowers.

Scotts Flowers has been serving New Yorkers since 1947. With decades of experience, we deliver a regular supply of fresh and customized flowers to Brooklyn, Bronx, Queen, Nassau County, and Manhattan. We offer the highest quality service in the city, from the day the seed hits the earth to the moment you receive your bouquet.

To schedule your weekly delivery with Scott’s, please call (800) 726 – 8874 or click below to shop.

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