A Whirlwind NYC Wedding

A Whirlwind NYC Wedding

Pulling off a wedding in NYC is a feat in itself, but try planning everything in three weeks. 

After the Friedman's romantic destination wedding was canceled by the hurricane in Los Cabos, the race was on to pull together something spectacular in a short time frame. A little attention to detail and dozens of flowers later, we were able to decorate the St. Regis Hotel in a variety of roses, tulips, soft greens, kale and more. The result was elegant pieces for a beautiful day.

 We were lucky enough to catch some pictures of Adam and Alex's special day and just couldn't resist sharing them with you.

Alex carries a hand tied bouquet of brassica kale, mondial rose and lavender rose with a touch of blueporum and the beautiful chuppah is wrapped in a mix of baby's breath and greens.


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Simple and Elegant – Fantastic job!!!!!!


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