9 Fall Flowers You Can Expect to See in Floral Arrangements

9 Fall Flowers You Can Expect to See in Floral Arrangements

Fall Flowers of 2018

In late September of every year, the autumn awakening begins. This change of season also warrants a change in flowers. Vibrant and spicy reds, shades of yellow and orange, and neutrals such as white define fall colors. Fall flowers also radiate many different moods. From lively natural themes to patience, calmness, and comfort, you can arrange fall flowers for a wide variety of occasions. 

The key to creating a perfect arrangement of fall flowers is to include the right floral species. Each fall flower plays a significant role in a floral arrangement. It may contribute to a specific theme, color, or texture. Fall flowers also work in unison to make your arrangements for the autumn season come to life. Whether planning a corporate event, wedding, or family get together, your floral arrangements should include essential fall flowers that will make each bouquet a perfect fit for the occasion.

You may be wondering which specific flowers are necessary to achieve an autumn theme. There are 9 essential fall flowers that you can expect to see in almost every floral arrangement this season. From the striking sun-kissed colors of Celosia to the pungent yet bold herbs of Brassica, these fall flowers are a must-have in any floral arrangement used during this autumn season.


As you explore these 9 essential fall flowers, don’t forget that you can obtain all of them from Scotts in NYC. At Scotts, we handpick all our floral arrangements and we ensure the quality of each stem. From the soil to your bouquet, Scotts guarantees that our autumn floral arrangements will breathe life into your next event.


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1. Anthurium 

Anthuriums are herbaceous flowers that represent over 800 individual species. Interestingly, they are tropical flowers (native to South America) but serve as important parts of autumn floral arrangements. This is because Anthuriums have brightly colored petals and ornamental leaves. They also have a lengthy vase life (most last for up to 6 weeks in a vase), making them ideal for floral arrangements. 

Anthuriums have long stem lengths (between 15-20 inches) with their leaves spouting from long stalks. Each leaf is narrow, funnel-shaped, and brightly colored. 

How they’re used in fall flower arrangements

Anthuriums have important qualities that make them the perfect fall flowers. First, they have vibrant colors of white, orange, yellow, and red that are contained in their leafy bracts. These bracts create the perfect contrast during the autumn season, where you have a vibrant tropical flower blended with rustic, winter elements.

Because the leaves of Anthurium flowers are bright, long, and slender, they wrap well around the edges of floral arrangements and bouquets. They can be used as brightly colored flowers on the outer edges, or to provide flashes of vibrancy within a largely natural bouquet. 

Most Anthurium leaves are simple in their shape and structure, making them the perfect ingredients for larger bouquets. And because they don’t require direct sunlight or lots of water to remain healthy, you can keep your bouquet in good shape for longer periods of time.

Anthurium flowers come in handy for many different fall occasions. Use them in your office to mark the end of the summer and the beginning of winter, or include them in an upcoming autumn-themed wedding. You can also include them in your home’s floral arrangements so they can complement your fall-theme décor.

2. Celosia 

When looking at a vibrant fall flower bouquet, Celosia flowers are largely responsible for the glowing shades that characterize such arrangements. Celosia flowers come as plumes with upright spires, or as crests with twisted and intricate forms.

Celosia flowers can be placed on the outer edges to create a lively boundary to your floral arrangement, or as centerpieces that generate life from within the bouquet itself. You can also choose between orange, red, pink, yellow, and white Celosia flower colors.

How Celosia is used in fall flower arrangements

Celosia blooms in a stiff, yet colorful way, making it incredibly useful for fall flower arrangements. Celosia flowers are clustered in short, wide and brightly colored groups. They create a center of attention on any floral arrangement with their unique shape and appearance.

However, Celosias are defined by more than just their flowers. Celosia leaves and stems have a light green appearance that provides a striking backdrop. As the fall sunlight strikes Celosia flowers, they produce a deep, sun-kissed glow that truly represents autumn weather.

The Celosia plant is also quite resilient, meaning that it doesn’t require extensive care while growing. 

3. Calla

As the summer perennial plants begin to slowly fade into the sunset, calla flowers take over. Callas have long, trumpet-shaped flowers that sprout in an arrow-like appearance. As they sprout, they open up their vibrant colored petals of white, yellow, red, orange, and purple.

Within a floral arrangement, calla flowers look like lilies that breathe life into a neutral-colored bouquet. In fact, their long and arrow-like appearance blends perfectly with Brassica flowers. Brassicas a short, sturdy, and have a wide upper surface. When contrasted with the longer calla flowers, the floral arrangement has a nice feeling of depth and texture. 

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How Calla is used in fall flower arrangements

Callas help to stretch out the color shown in your floral arrangements. They work best when present in groups of 5 or more within the same bouquet. Each calla has an upright and vibrant appearance that makes them stand out in any group of floral products.

Callas are excellent fall flowers for your home or office. This is because they contrast perfectly when placed on window frames, desktops, or table centerpieces. Calla lilies also blossom in a unique way that makes them perfect for a bridal bouquet. When placed in a vase, Callas easily last for a week or more.

Callas can be arranged in-between the green foliage of your autumn flowers. If you wish to liven up patches of green with colorful sprouts of lilies, callas are certainly the way to go.

4. Brassica

Brassica flowers represent 37 species of flowering plants in the mustard family. Their mix of lobed and full leaves makes them a perfect component of fall floral arrangements. 

Brassica flowers are defined by their pale yellow and bluish-green colors. These tones represent the fading of summer weather and the coming of winter. They serve as excellent backdrops for floral arrangements being used in offices, hotels, restaurants, and homes. If you need flowers that signify a change in seasons, Brassica is certainly the way to go. 

Each Brassica flower has 4 petals that appear in unique clusters. They can be blended with other brightly colored selections such as Anthurium and Celosia flowers. When thinking of Brassicas, you can compare them to how a typical cabbage looks like. The dense cluster of leaves that surround a cabbage plant creates an interesting effect. Brassicas are no different. All these plants come from the same family and thus have similar characteristics.

How Brassicas are used in fall flower arrangements 

Brassicas are an important part of fall flowers because they are study, have a waxy surface, and are more durable. You may be wresting with the idea of a cabbage-like flower being present in your pretty autumn bouquets. However, Brassica flowers blend seamlessly with your typical vibrant fall flowers.

During floral arrangements, Brassicas appear even more striking when their leaves are peeled back, twisted on their stem and spiraled to create a beautiful bloom. The open blooms of Brassica flowers are neutral-colored (with whites and greens) and they blend perfectly with other bright selections of autumn floral arrangements.  




5. Hydrangea



Fall flowers would be incomplete without the breath-taking hydrangeas. For many years, hydrangeas have been regarded as one of the most beautiful flowers. This is probably because of how these flowers blossom. Rather than sprouting as a single flower (the way lilies do), hydrangeas are essentially a collection of flowers that sprout in bunches at the end of their stems. This results in a collection of beautiful flowers that form an attractive backdrop. In addition, each flower has a ring of modified bracts that adds to the vibrancy of the sprout.



Hydrangeas stand out due to their bright and attractive colors. From light blue shades to bright reds and faded pink, hydrangeas breathe life into any fall floral arrangement.



How it’s used in fall flower arrangements



Hydrangeas can be used in bouquets as fresh or dried flowers. These flowers blossom from the tips of their shoots, meaning that they sprout at the top of each floral arrangement.



Hydrangeas can form the centerpiece of a bouquet and blend well with other bright or neutral fall flowers. And because they bloom during the fall season, they’re often ready to spice up your wedding, corporate event, or restaurant centerpieces.



6. Hypericum berries



An attractive fall flower also needs to have enough texture. Berries add diversity, texture, and life to any floral arrangement. You can expect to see Hypericum berries blended within several floral arrangements during this season.



Hypericum are shrubs that range between 2-3 feet tall. They produce small, pretty berries during every fall season. When the berries pop out, they appear in various shades of red, white, and pumpkin.



How Hypericum berries are used in fall flower arrangements



During the early spring, Hypericum shrubs contain pretty yellow flowers that contrast against the narrow stems and leaves of the entire plant. And during fall, the flowers eventually give way to berries. These berries are interlaced between leaves and stems, making them easy to use within a floral arrangement.



Hypericum berries don’t fall off the larger stem easily. Therefore, they can be mixed in a bouquet with matching flowers and textures. And because the berries vary in colors and shades, you can end up with unique and attractive fall floral arrangements.



Hypericum berries can surround flowers in your bouquet to create rustic, yet sweet arrangements. They add to the natural look and feel of fall flowers. In fact, floral arrangements that are interlaced with Hypericum berries are perfect for offices and restaurants. The berries add texture, depth, and curiosity to your autumn floral designs.



7. Gloriosa



Glowing, fragile, and unique, Gloriosa lilies can spice up any dull flower arrangement. Gloriosas blossom as narrow, tall flowers with a fiery look. They have a perfect blend of bright red on the upper part of the flower and yellow on the lower edges near its base. When sprouting, these flowers come out as narrow petals neatly arranged around the center of the plant.



How Gloriosa is used in fall flower arrangements



Because Gloriosas come from climbing lilies, they have vine-like stems and lance-shaped leaves. They form perfect outer flowers for a floral arrangement. Wider and blossoming flowers (such as Brassicas) can be placed in the middle of the arrangement, while narrow and fiery Gloriosa lilies can line up the edges of your arrangement.



Gloriosas can also be placed at the center of bouquets to surround the main fall flower. Because these lilies have a perfect blend of fall colors, they represent a fading sunset as the winter season begins to kick in.



8. Gerbera



Gerbera flowers are a must-have for your floral arrangements. Gerberas are essentially daisies that are characterized by brightly colored petals with a large blossom. The narrow, yet vibrant petals of Gerberas make these flowers stand out in any arrangement.



Gerberas come in pink, red, white, yellow, and orange flowers, all perfect for an autumn theme. And because they bloom in multiple layers, they add to the texture and unique petal arrangements of the entire flower.



How Gerbera is used in fall flower arrangements



Gerbera flowers are used mainly as cut flowers. They have sturdy stems that make them easy to use in any arrangement. They also last for as long as 10 days within a typical vase.



The sturdy stem of a Gerbera flower holds a large blossoming petal. Therefore, this daisy can be stuffed into dense floral arrangements and it will still maintain its structure and glow.



Gerberas can also act as the centerpiece of an arrangement because they have a well-defined center eye color. You can choose from dark brown, cream, or other neutral eye color selections and build around it as you design a bouquet.



9. Millet



In any floral arrangement, millet flowers are the icing on the cake. Millets have a characteristic cereal-like appearance that resembles their many uses in everyday life. However, the millet flower is far from simple. Its long and slender shape gives any floral arrangement a feeling of depth and adventure.



Each millet flower is also rustic in nature. It adds to a spicy theme that contrasts well with brightly colored and sweet floral selections. Because autumn represents an awakening and the slowly fading sunset, millet flowers are the perfect backdrop for your fall-themed floral bouquets.



How they can be used in a fall flower arrangement



Millet flowers come in shades of green, brown, and purple. These flowers have thin and long stems that allow them to sprout above all other flowers in a typical arrangement. In essence, they produce a tower-like effect on any group of flowers within a vase.


Fall Floral Arrangements at Scotts



If you need fall flowers, look no further than Scotts in NYC. We have already started adjusting our collection to suit the upcoming autumn season. As the sun begins to fade away and the autumn flowers begin to blossom, our fall arrangements represent every detail of this upcoming season. We‘ve blended the spicy selections of Millet, Brassica, and Hypericum berries with vibrant and sweet choices from Hydrangea, Calla, and Gloriosa lilies.



At Scotts, you will find fall flowers that suit your upcoming wedding, corporate event, home or office. The sun-kissed glow of autumn floral arrangements is truly one of a kind. To bring this theme to life, you need a quality and reputable florist by your side. We’ve been serving the NYC area for over 50 years and we know what fall flowers look like. If you’re ready for an autumnal awakening, contact Scotts today!




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