4 Reasons to Try an NYC Flower Arrangement Class

4 Reasons to Try an NYC Flower Arrangement Class

NYC Flower Arrangement Classes

Flower arrangement is the ability to select and arrange flowers into a complete and attractive bouquet. This is the hidden skill that separates expert florists from other flower enthusiasts. If you’re looking to get a glimpse into the world of the pros, consider taking a flower arrangement class.

These classes teach you what goes into picking, preparing, and arranging flowers. You will get to learn why a simple vase placed in the reception of a hospital turns this sterile and cold environment into a warm and welcoming space. You will also get to learn how to create fresh scents and blooms that can make your workplace more productive.

At Scotts, our flower arrangement classes are a one-of-a-kind experience. We do more than just teach people how to arrange flowers. We also help people network, ease tension, and enjoy a truly hands-on experience.

What happens during a flower arrangement class?

nyc floral arrangement class

When most people think of flower classes, they picture a highly formal session with strict florists and boring classmates. However, these sessions are far from being formal and boring. A typical flower class in NYC is a hands-on experience that also doubles up as a networking session. In fact, many companies in NYC now use flower classes as icebreaker events, team building sessions, and creativity boosters. Other people also use flower classes as activities for a bridal shower or a ladies’ day out.

Each session starts off with covering the basics (learning about types of flowers, vase selection, and seasonal selections), after which the instructor will walk you through some basic floral arrangements to get you started. With enough basic skills under your belt, you will then be free to explore your creative side and come up with a floral arrangement that reflects your current skill level.

Why you should try it

In recent years, flower classes in NYC have become the new hot trend. Almost every florist shop you visit has classes and workshops that are devoted towards providing a hands-on experience with flowers. And whether tailored towards individuals, groups of friends, or businesses, these classes are being used to strengthen relationships while having some fun.

More people are also realizing how important flowers can be. They want to explore how flowers uplift moods, ease stress, and increase energy levels. Here are 4 convincing reasons why you should try a flower arrangement class in NYC.

  1. It’s an excellent networking opportunity

There are many different activities used to build networks with others and to break the ice. From happy hour events to bowling and ice-skating, activities that cultivate strong relationships are important for both businesses and people alike.

But who knew that the world of flowers could bring people together and foster such strong relationships? Interestingly, flower classes are the new “in-thing” used by people to network in NYC. Perhaps it’s the millennial DIY culture that has contributed to this flower-loving trend. People like to do things in their own way, and flower arrangement gives you the freedom to explore your creativity and discover new boundaries.

A typical flower arrangement class session will last for a few hours (often 2-4 hours). Therefore, you have enough time to not only learn the basics, but to also create an arrangement you love while working with your classmates.

Many companies in the NYC area are devoting morning and afternoon sessions to take their employees out for flower classes. These sessions provide excellent opportunities for working professionals to network and share their experiences in a laidback environment. Indeed, you can’t compare the ambience of fresh blooms, sweet smelling roses, and colorful flowers to anything else out there. 

  1. You can take the flowers home!

If you’re looking to purchase flowers, either for yourself or for a loved one, you have two options. You could either buy a ready-made floral bouquet, or arrange one for yourself to add a personal touch. A flower arrangement class is an excellent way of creating your own personal arrangement and using it however you please.

Most flower classes allow you to take your floral arrangements home. After learning the basics of flower types, vases, and color coordination, you can let your creative side take over and design an arrangement that your significant other will love. You can also arrange something for the office so as to remain focused on important tasks (and get that end of year performance bonus).   

  1. Increase your knowledge of flowers

The world of flowers is truly interesting and exciting. With countless species of flowers to explore, even the most experienced florists learn something new every day. You may have heard that flowers are beneficial in both homes and offices, but you can only truly appreciate their value after a hands-on experience. When people say red roses are the flowers of love, actually arranging these roses into a bouquet will allow you to understand why.

Each flower arrangement class will shed light on the various types of flowers, and what each one represents. You will also get the opportunity to arrange different flowers together as you create floral bouquets for multiple occasions. But how can you benefit from knowing more about flowers?

  • Learn more about flower types, colors, and what each combination represents.
  • Learn how depth, color, and texture come into play when arranging a floral bouquet.
  • You may have a garden and you wish to learn how to better arrange your flowers
4. Reduce stress levels and become more productive

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? A flower class can be the perfect way to ease tension and give yourself a relaxing break. Come as a group of 12-16 people and spend a morning or afternoon immersed in fresh floral scents. The therapeutic nature of flowers has been used in hospitals to help patients recover, and in offices to help employees become more productive.

During a flower class, you get to learn how to arrange flowers for reducing stress and boosting productivity. Even better, you’ll get to spend quality time with your loved ones and other NYC residents. 

Flower arrangement classes at Scotts

The only way to receive a quality flower arrangement class is by working with a quality florist. For over 50 years, Scotts Flowers has been supplying fresh floral arrangements to NYC residents. Our classes are also a testament to our professionalism in this field.

Working in groups, we teach you how to select the right flowers, match colors, and pay attention to the details that matter. Whether you’re part of a corporate team building activity or a bridal shower, you’ll leave each class session feeling happier and with a more in-depth knowledge of flowers.

Booking a flower arrangement class at Scotts is easy. Simply call us at (212) 727-2800. You can also email us at classes@scottsflowersnyc.com.

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