4 Flower Arrangements & Gift Ideas for Rosh Hashanah 2012 in NYC

Rosh Hashanah is a time for new beginnings and new hope.  It acts as a reminder for all of us to move forward with the next phase of our lives. During this holiday, the people we surround ourselves with, the food we eat, and the decorations & flowers in our homes symbolize all of the good things to come in the next year.  Here at Scott's Flowers, we have prepared a small list to help YOU make the best and appropriate floral decisions possible for this celebration.  Happy holidays for all those who celebrate Rosh Hashanah!

1. Soho: A stylish arrangement of mont blanc amaryllis, powder blue hydrangea and accented with green viburnum blossoms. Perfect for the holiday ahead.

2. Old New Yorker: Imagine this on your dining room table? Feel the old new york vibe with a beautiful arrangement of green cymbidiums, blue and white hydrangea, and white roses in a frosted vase. 

3. Fall Bounty: Send a gift basket of fresh fruits and fresh blossoms and fill your family and friends with joy and festivities. We can include specific requests for additional items pending availability. 

4. Guggenheim: A cool retro design of white calla. Sleek, calming, minimalistic, and beautiful. A design that speaks of good wishes for the future! 

Shop our entire online store at Scott's Flowers here, or speak to one of our designers by calling 212.726.8874 to see how we can service you today! Happy Holidays!
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