2017's Top 5 Hottest Valentines Day Trends in Flowers

2017's Top 5 Hottest Valentines Day Trends in Flowers

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Top Five Flower Trends 2017 Valentines

2017 Valentine's Trend #1

Super Sexy & Bright Bold Colors

The most eye-catching trend this V-Day is red hot colors-- and not just one of them! Combine vivid hues of red, fuchsia & violet for the freshest style with the most energetic look. It's intense. It's confident. It's super sexy and very hot right now. For a perfect example of this color palette in action, check out our 2017 V-Day design Strawberry Fields.

2017 Valentine's Trend #2

Soft & Sweet Blush Colors

An extremely popular color trend this season is SUPER soft blush pinks and creams. Designs of this palette bring a refreshing lightness to an otherwise jewel-toned occasion.  Many exquisite flowers such as ranunculus, garden roses, lilac & hyacinth offer absolutely stunning examples of this marvelous palette. The soft medley of hues, reminiscent of a sunrise cloud, defines the essence of class, elegance, sweetness, & quiet confidence. Want to go outside the box and happily surprise a Pinterest fan? This is your winner. Go straight to our design appropriately-named Blush Elegance.

2017 Valentine's Trend #3

Once Upon a Time...

The Fairy Tale Romance

Cinderella, movie 2015

You might notice a wilder side of floral romance this Valentine's Day, as the notion of the fairy tale maintains its popularity in mainstream culture. With all the TV shows and recent films based in a fantasy world of fairy tale love, royalty, magic & monsters, are you really surprised?? Expect to see more green foliage, forest elements and garden textures, in a looser, more natural style. So keep the magic alive & feast your eyes upon our romantic  rose designs, 5th Avenue & Valentine Enchantment.
5th Avenue Valentines design with Fairy Tale RomanceFairy Tale Romance with design Valentine Enchantment

2017 Valentine's Trend #4

The NEW Red Rose Experience

The red rose will always reign supreme on Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean it has to look old-fashioned or predictable. This year, the red rose is taken to new creative heights. No two loves are alike, so why should everyone get the same style of flowers? They shouldn't! There are so many beautiful styles of design and different personalities to express when presenting your love: sleek and modern, bold & sassy, sweet & romantic, vampishly sexy & more. Another key trend is MIXING multiple shades of red together, creating greater depth and dimension.

Check out our full 2017 Valentine's Day Collection to witness some rosy red creativity!

Radiant Romance by Scotts Flowers NYC Valentines 2017Red Hook Red Rose Design Modern Valentines 2017Classic Long Stem Red Roses by Scotts Flowers NYC, 2017 Valentines CollectionRussian Tea Room Compact Red Rose Arrangement by Scotts Flowers NYC, 2017 Valentines Collection Sexy

2017 Valentine's Trend #5


Not everyone wants roses on V-Day. That's a fact.

And there's a super trendy front-runner for the non-conformist: The Anemone! It's such a cool flower that changes every day you look at it... It keeps growing; the petals open and close with the changing environment throughout the day & night, and it's just absolutely adorable. When you see an anemone, you can't mistake it. It's a true one-of-a-kind bloom with an uplifting energy in some powerful colors! We are using this bloom in several of our new Valentine's Day designs. Take a look!
Blush & White Flowers White Anemones Valentines Day 2017Anemones and Romance in Manhattan Same Day Flower DeliverySweet Romance with Pink Flowers by Scotts Flowers NYC Midtown Manhattan

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