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Plant Care & Maintenance Program

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Scotts Flowers offers plant services to brighten up your office or home. It has been proven that while plants make your office look great, they also boost your mood and creativity for you and your employees! In addition to installation, we also offer our plant care program where one of our technicians visits your office or home once week to ensure that your plants are alive and healthy. This will make sure that you don't have to worry about your plants and that they are thriving in your space!
Our plants are carefully selected to ensure you are getting the very best quality. We do not receive large commercial shipments, but instead go out and hand-pick each plant with care at the local greenhouses. We take pride in our quality and assure you will agree. We are delighted to offer consulting and help in selecting which plants are perfect for your space. Bringing plant life into one's space offers incredibly inspiration and we are here to help!  
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Fendi NYC Showroom - Tall Green Plants
Rooftop NYC - Succulents
Orchid Display with Green Foliage
Tall Green Cornplant
Bird of Paradise - Rooftop NYC


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