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Client Loyalty Program

Our Client Loyalty Program is how we give back to our customers. We appreciate your patronage and continued support, and to show our gratitude we put this program in place to provide you with special offers and deals at Scotts Flowers NYC.

The Program

It's simple. The idea behind this Client Loyalty program is that there are different ways to earn points from Scotts Flowers NYC. The more points you acquire, the larger your discount may be on your next purchase.

Ways to Acquire Points

  • Purchases - One way to acquire points is by making purchases through our website. For every $1 spent, you will earn 1 point.
  • Social Media Share - For every social media share, you will receive 500 points. This can be done through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.
  • Account Creation - By creating a user account at Scotts Flowers NYC, you will automatically earn 1,000 points. How easy is that!

Redeeming Points Earned

After you begin acquiring points, these points will be redeemable upon your next purchase. In your checkout cart, our website will automatically notify you of how many points you are entitled to redeeming. 

100 points = $1

1,000 points = $10

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