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09-14-2018 NYC Flower Classes and Workshops

It’s official; flower arranging is hot. Many people have realized that the skill of arranging bouquets, floral centerpieces, and garden-like blooms can be quite useful. Nowadays, flower classes and workshops have become the go-to activity for many different groups of people.

Anyone who’s participated in flower classes can attest to how fun, creative, and eye-opening they are. Not only do you get a good practical lesson in flower arranging, but you also get first-hand experiences from floral experts who’ve spent years in designing the best products available.

Flower classes and workshops in NYC have become increasingly popular over the years. Indeed, groups of friends and colleagues are seeking out flower classes as a fun and enlightening activity.

At Scotts, we know all about flowers and floral arrangements. If you love playing with beautiful flowers and learning new skills within this area, then you can’t go wrong with our flower classes. We offer a unique and exciting way for you to bond with your friends and to network with your corporate colleagues. To schedule a class, email

About Scotts Flowers Classes & Workshops

Scotts is a premier flower delivery service in NYC. We handle all your flower needs, from arranging special bouquets to delivering fresh flowers on a regular basis to various premises.

At Scotts, we also offer flower classes and workshops. Called “Fun with Flowers”, these group events of 12-16 people offer a creative experience for everyone involved. Not all flower classes are the same. To truly enjoy a rewarding experience, you need classes that are offered by professional designers using quality floral products.

nyc flower class picture

That is why, at Scotts, our flower classes in NYC truly stand out. Here’s what you need to know about our flower classes.

  1. Learn from our expert floral designers

Scotts Flowers classes are offered under the supervision of our expert floral designers. For over 50 years, Scotts has been servicing the New York area with quality floral products.

From wedding flowers to sympathy flowers, we have experience in arranging unique and attractive floral arrangements. Therefore, when your group comes in for a flower class at Scotts, you can be sure that you’re all in good hands. We’re able to suggest how you’ll get started while giving you enough freedom to explore your creative side. And if you’re curious about any specific arrangements we provide, simply ask our designers and they’ll walk you through how it all comes to life.

  1. Enjoy a hands-on experience

When dealing with flowers, nothing feels better than a fully hands-on experience. Our flower classes immerse you in the world of picking and arranging bouquets, rustic arrangements, vases, and other artful constructions. Each flower you pick and arrange will help bring your final product to life.

At Scotts, we set ourselves apart from other flower classes in NYC. Because each flower we have at our shop is handpicked (locally sourced or imported), we ensure that you’ll only work with the highest quality products.

Simply put, our quality flowers will make your workshop session much more enjoyable. Whether you’re trying to recreate a TriBeCa arrangement of soft and textured whites, or you’re looking to design a romantic bouquet for an upcoming wedding, each flower you pick from our selection won’t fall short in quality.

  1. Flexible scheduling

At Scotts, our flower classes are designed to suit the needs of many different people. Whether you’re planning a networking event or a night out with the girls, our floral workshops will provide an enjoyable and eye-opening experience.

For many years, we’ve catered to customers of many different walks of life. From mothers looking to send their daughters a wedding bouquet to friends sending sympathy flowers to a grieving family, Scotts has helped residents of NYC to obtain quality floral arrangements.

Great collection of flowers; fabulous with different arrangements; warm customer service; and on-time delivery.  My friend was delighted by the flowers.  Even the vase was different from the run of the mill selection from other florists.

Thanks Scotts; I will certainly order from you again.

-Noreen, T.

Therefore, you can trust us to provide a truly memorable flower class for your group. Our designers know how to make a girls’ night out memorable while advising on floral arrangements that can best boost the creativity of a corporate team-building exercise.

  1. Intimate groups for a highly personal experience

When exploring floral arrangements, you need a comfortable, intimate space. At Scotts, our flower classes occur right within our shop and in small groups of 12-16 people.

These small class sizes allow everyone enough creative space to learn and apply their new arrangement skills. You will also be able to share with others in your group while strengthening bonds and networking. 

At Scotts, we believe that the small class sizes are essential in providing a truly memorable experience.  

  1. Bring home your own floral arrangement

Because we appreciate our customers and we believe in the quality of our services, all participants of our flower classes get to leave with an arrangement worth roughly $100!

After enjoying the class session, learning from our professional designers, and exploring your creative side, you get to leave with the arrangement that you created. Feel free to show your friends your new arrangement skills or to display the flowers in your office workstation. These giveaways demonstrate how much we value your experiences with us, and why we offer the best value for your money.

nyc flower workshop in action

What to expect during a flower class

Never been to a flower class before? Are you curious to know what you can expect during the experience? Let’s demystify the flower workshops process and reveal what you and your group can expect.

During flower classes, you will be under the supervision of an expert designer who will guide the general direction of the class. All supplies are provided, and all you need to bring is an open mind and a mood for excitement!

But once you get to Scotts for a flower class, what will happen next?

  1. Group classes with individual attention

Our flower workshops are designed for groups of 12-16 people. Come as a bridal party for an upcoming wedding, as a family get together, or even as a corporate group.

When you arrive, the class will be led by our Creative Director - Stephanie Herron. Each member of your group will receive individual attention as they get started with making floral arrangements. Because we care for the experience of each person in the group, Stephanie will work at a comfortable pace for everyone.

  1. A Wide variety of flower selections

What sets our flower classes apart from others in NYC is that we offer a wide variety of flower selections. You will have quality flowers to choose from, including the following:

  • Roses (multiple colors available)
  • Tulips
  • Lilies
  • Orchids
  • Veronica
  • Anemones, and many others

During our flower classes, you will learn how to select different types of flowers and match them within a specific arrangement. By varying the type, color, and size of flowers in each basket, you will explore how you can create bouquets, blooms and constructions that fit different occasions.

For example, bold colors (such as red, yellow, and green) radiate a lively and uplifting mood. They fit well in offices, lobbies, and reception areas. White roses of various shades are excellent for showing sympathy or contributing towards a peaceful environment.

No two floral arrangements are exactly the same. Indeed, these works of art can be designed to represent your mood and the nature of an upcoming occasion. During our flower classes, you’ll witness firsthand what goes into floral arrangements of different kinds.

Are you looking to spice up your next corporate event with unique centerpieces? Are you curious about how to woo your partner with romantic flowers? Our flower classes will answer all your questions. And through hands-on experiences, you’ll go through the process of creating your own floral arrangement.

Because of our quality products and our exceptional customer service, we have the ability to guarantee a memorable experience when you take our flower classes.

The flowers for our daughter's wedding were more beautiful than we could imagine. They were amazingly beautiful, romantic, and rustic. Words cannot express our gratitude to the professional, talented, and amazing staff that goes above and beyond.

Thank you,

-Margi Duva

  1. Music and refreshments

To add to the fun and creative environment, we also provide music and refreshments during each flower class (the classes are BYOB). Music radiates an upbeat and casual environment that will allow you to turn your creative side loose.

Many people are surprised by how well they can pick and arrange flowers, even during their very first experience. This is because we provide a peaceful, calm and creative environment for you to explore new floral interests. Finally, with all the thinking, listening, and arranging you’ll be doing, our refreshments will keep your group energized and productive.

Why take a flower class?

You may be wondering why it’s worthwhile to engage in a flower class. Whether it’s your first time or your usual hobby, flower classes provide many different benefits. Apart from enjoying a relaxing and fun experience with friends, you’ll also enjoy the following advantages. 

  1. Learn more about flowers

As soon as you and your group walk into a floral arrangement workshop, you’ll immerse yourselves in the world of flowers. You’ve probably heard about the numerous benefits of having flowers in your premises. Indeed, they breathe life into your home/office, they reduce stress levels, and they boost productivity.

When taking a flower class, you’ll get to understand why flowers are so important. The personal hands-on experience of arranging actual bouquets and artistic constructions is truly an eye opener. During a flower class, you’ll get to witness the process of picking flowers for different arrangements and events. What goes into arranging flowers for weddings? Which floral arrangements demonstrate sympathy during challenging times? How can you pick flowers to make your home more uplifting? All these questions will be answered during flower classes.

With more knowledge about flowers, you’ll be in a better position to order the best arrangements for your next event. Whether you’re arranging a corporate dinner or you have an upcoming wedding, floral workshops are the best way to get your feet wet in the business of ordering and arranging quality flowers.

  1. Enjoy a unique and exciting getaway

In New York City, many people have busy schedules. Balancing between work, school, family, and social life can be challenging at times. If you need a breath of fresh air, flower classes are an excellent getaway. You will find that being immersed in a room full of fresh and quality flowers is uplifting in itself. Furthermore, you and your friends will spend time exploring different types of flowers and how they fit together into unique arrangements.

While there are many fun activities you can engage in to relax your mind, flower classes are perhaps one of the most enjoyable. Professional florists will guide you and your group in exploring creative ways of arranging flowers. And because the classes usually cater for both beginners and experienced flower enthusiasts, all you need to do is bring a fun and creative mindset. It’s a perfect social activity for friends, colleagues, and family.

  1. Spice up your home/office

Flowers are the unsung heroes in your home or office. At home, they uplift your mood, freshen the air, and spice up various rooms. You can experiment with different types of flowers to turn your home from a dull space into a comfortable haven. Similarly, flowers are useful assets to any office or business premises. They can boost employee productivity, make your customers feel welcome and comfortable, and eventually improve your bottom line.

If you’re wondering where to get started with using flowers for your home/office, floral workshops are the answer. What better way to immerse yourself in the floral world than by selecting and arranging flowers? For example, you will learn from professional florists about the best types of flowers for making your workers more productive. You will also explore arrangements best suited to make your restaurant welcoming to guests, and your home more uplifting.

scotts flowers nyc workshop

  1. Explore your creative side

Another reason why flower classes in NYC are so useful is that they allow you to express your creativity. During a floral workshop, you and other members in your group will have the freedom to try out different flowers, colors, and arrangement patterns.

Arranging flowers is an art. You have the creative space to truly express yourself and to design patterns that are unique. Any time you explore your creativity, you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to tackle upcoming challenges. That is why corporate entities use flower classes as weekday or weekend getaways. By coming together as colleagues and expressing yourselves, the refreshing experience will energize everyone in the group and strengthen bonds among team members.

  1. Enjoy hidden health benefits

Did you know that flower classes could also improve your mental health? You may be wondering how. Remember that flower arrangement are an artistic experience. Engaging in a visual art experience has been shown to help people improve their memory and cognitive processing ability.

What does this mean? It means that when you immerse yourself in the experience of exploring floral arrangements, you’ll be able to process information at a deeper level. Many people are able to apply these creative skills to other areas of their daily lives. For example, a group of corporate employees may take an NYC flowers workshop as part of a team-building exercise. When they get back to work, ideas will be flowing to make the project that they’re working on better. 

Scheduling a flower workshop with Scotts

While there are other flower classes in and around NYC, few can compete with our “Fun with Flowers” workshops. Experienced personnel, quality supplies, and fun-loving people are the key ingredients to a successful flower class. At Scotts, we meet all the necessary criteria to offer a worthwhile experience.

As a multi-dimensional and full-service florist, we’re driven by our quality products and strong customer relationships. We know that each flower you pick for your arrangement will contribute to the final product. Therefore, we will teach you how to pay attention to detail, how to vary floral arrangements to meet the theme of your event, and how to only select top quality flowers at all times.

Flowers are refreshing, productive, fun, and artistic. By taking a flower class with hands-on experiences, you’ll be able to open up your mind and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above. Regardless of your specific occasion and the nature of your group, Scotts is ready to make your classes a success.

Book your flower classes with Scotts by simply calling us at (212) 727-2800. You can also reach us via email at

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